Apr 8

Well here is the Avid YouTube clip that doesn’t actually tell you anything about the new Avid Pro Tools 11 released just in time for Musikmesse 2013. Whilst it leaves you drooling and wondering it cleverly achieves its objective by wanting you to find out more:-

All of the DAWS claim to be the best and most powerful DAW but Pro Tools has been at or near the top so it is interesting to see just how powerful it has become. Will I get a better sound, a better mix, have less workflow problems. Can Avid Pro Tools pull me away from Sonar X2 and tempt me as the clip has tried to do? It is said to have a new very efficient audio engine. It says it has a 64-bit performance but shouldn’t everything have this nowdays? I want to see its groundbreaking capabilities in the flesh and decide for myself so I will have to give it a look at Musikmesse this week.

Well Avid Pro Tools 11 certainly looks like it has a lot here. I particular like the idea that it can speedup editing with something called Clip Gain and that you can use multiple audio formats in your recording but probably best of all is that for people with slow hard drives, it can improve responsiveness with its enhanced disk cache.

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