Dec 19

The subject of buying shares in Bands seems to come up from time to time, especially with the music industry not really knowing what direction to take with a bands development. Buying shares in a Band opens up all sorts of  possibilities and questions. If you had shares in a band – what would you tell them to do? Would you feel you should be mentioned on their album?

The idea is obviously to take out the ‘Risk’ element. For example if shares cost say £10.00 each, it would be easy to collect a large amount of money for recording and live concerts etc with very little risk but with a true involvement from the band’s fanbase. I think there could be many issues with this. For example,  if you have a financial stake in the band’s album, do you also have a say in how it’s made?

The Music Industry is a very large changing industry and a very long way from what it was 30 to 40 years ago. The Public today have a completely different attitude as to what they want from music today. They want everything fast, smaller, more portable, greater selection and larger amounts of it. Even sound quality is not high on there priority list. They do however still love a ‘Live’ performance and the expense of these seems to get higher every year. Perhaps buying shares maybe the answer.

IvyRise is the first UK band to raise the £100,000 needed to get started via ” My Major Company”– the business that will now act as their music label. My Major Company state on their website – “Own 1 to 100 shares of your favourite artist’s next album campaign. Each share is worth £10. Be reassured, your money sits in a third party escrow account. You are free to change your mind, move your shares to another artist or request a refund at any time until the investment target is reached on a given album campaign! Your money will only be committed when the investment target is reached. It is then transferred from the third party escrow account to the My Major Company UK label and used strategically to fund the artist’s album campaign”

“By purchasing shares, you will have access to the artist’s Investor Zone. You’ll be able to be in close contact with the artist and the label and might be consulted at various stage of project development (choice of single, album artwork, music video treatment…). You’ll also have access to all the professional data necessary to follow the daily evolution of the artist’s album campaign (sales, distribution, airplay, promotional schedule…”

Very interesting – I personally think that until such time when a fan that pays £10.00 for a share starts to receive a substantial return on his investment and the band grow and develope as a direct result of this financial input, then this business model could be considered a success – you never know it could happen. Have a look at My Major Company and make up your own mind.

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