Sep 28


Well the Big Surprise for me today was the news of a Cakewalk Sonar X3 DAW. Whilst I was pondering over its exciting new additions and wondering about its release date, I got a bigger surprise to find out it had been released today, yes that is right today. Like a large Cat ready to pounce on a tiny mouse, I placed my order for Sonar X3 Producer.

Sonar X3 comes in three sizes but this time at the lower end of the scale it looks like the basic Sonar X3 has a terific amount of content and facilities for the money and they Cakewalk have really pushed the boat out here to have a DAW that is really going to beat the competition at this lower level.

At the upper level – The Producer, I am excited by the prospect that I may soon have a DAW to be proud of. So what do I get for my purchase, I sincerely hope its not going to be full of bugs and issues but instead effortlessly upgrades from my X2 providind me with some great new facilities, but more importantly – I hope it is stable. SONAR X3 is said to include over a hundred finely tuned tweaks, little enhancements and general improvements throughout. A lot of these changes have come about by customer feedback.

The New additions I get in my Producer version are:-

1. Unlimited everything – You get unlimited simultaneous Audio & MIDI tracks, FX, Sends, and full VST3 support with Cakewalk’s industry leading 64-bit mix engine.

2. Comping This is really a great way for you to quickly manage multiple takes. What you do is record the same part as many times as you like using the new Comping record mode, and when you’re finished,  speed comping accelerates your workflow so that you can isolate, edit, and provide your best performances into one unified flawless track.

3. VST3 Support – I like this one because it gives you a fantastic  plugin management, low CPU loads, and improved visual workspace. You will also be able to see your VST3 and VST2 plugins side by side. Very cleverly they have made Sonar 3 so that it will auto-detect VST Plugins so you never have to Rescan – Great Stuff.


4. Melodyne Essential – This great and probably the best  pitch correction, time stretching, and audio to MIDI conversion in the business is now fully integrated into Sonar 3 and replaces V-Vocal.

5. Youtube – You can now export direct to YouTube from Sonar X3  to share your videos with the world.

6. Gobbler – Allowing to Backup all of your work simply and quickly to the cloud and every new Sonar X3 user gets 5GB free store on Gobbler’s cloud.

7. Custom Track Colours – Simple but very helpful making it easy to organise your complicated and large Sonar Projects. This is very flexible and has automised functions knowing what your colour sceme is.

8. QuadCurve EQ Zoom – This looks a fantastic EQ and is very visual, I can’t wait to start using this. It also has a built-in spectrum analyzer to assist you with track sculpting.

9. Tape Emulator – This is newest addition to your arsenal of ProChannel modules for you to emulate the sound of priceless analog tape machines.  If you then also use the Console Emulator you get that lovely warm classic analogue sound before we had digital.


10. Tone2 BiFilter2 – Everyone loves a good Filter and this has 47 filter types ranging from vintage analog modeled to futuristic FM filtering. You get a massive  100  presets – that’s a great starting point.

nomad-factory- blue-tubes-FX-with-sonar-x3

11. Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX – More goodies, this time by way of effects. This Suite provides you with an excellent set of 19 different dynamic, EQ, and effects processors from Nomad Factory and will give you that true analogue warmth by way of a Dual Phaser, Dual Chorus, Oilcan Echo, or the 3D Tempo Delay.


12. Addictive Drums- You get the full product here, if you have ever used this product you will know just how good it is. It sounds awesome and the drums are just so real sounding. With over a hundred presets an thousands of MIDI rhythms recorded by pro drummers -Wow.

13. Lounge Lizard Session- Get that true Fender Rhodes sound – Lovely electric piano instrument.

14. Strum Acoustic Session- I am not a guitarist, so I think I am going to find this very useful. You get the feel of an acoustic guitar right on your keyboard.  . This is the most convincing physically modeled acoustic guitar on the market. Strum and voice chords and harmonies all without needing to pick up a guitar.

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