Oct 23


If the answer to this is “Yes” then you need to know what is happening in January 2012 and what you need to do before 31st December 2010. Currently Wireless microphones run using just a little bit of spectrum that is well known as Channel 69 which is on 854 to 862MHz.  Due to the big Digital Switchover from Analog to Digital Broadcasting due to take place in January 2012, Chanel 69 which was allocated to wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems will no longer be available.

As part of the need to find a Channel for this purpose,  Ofcom have now confirmed that in the UK, Wireless Microphones need to have a protected frequency range away from harmful un-licensed devices such as Bluetooth and  Wi-Fi. To achieve this they have used a protected bandwidth called Channel 38  at 606 to614MHz.


Firstly there are big differences as to whether Channel 38 is being used indoors or outdoors. The availability of channel 38 can be checked using the online Look Up Tool from  JMFG at www.jfmg.co.uk.

You will need a license to legally operate your Radio microphones. If you want more information on the license again please visit JFMG at   www.jfmg.co.uk.

It is possible that your Radio-Mic is not compliant  for use with Channel 38.  If this is the case,unfortunately you will need to purchase a new Mic.  In some cases an update or  a modification maybe possible. The good news is that, most wireless products in the UK are now specifically designed for use with Channel 38.

You may possibly be able to get some funding towards replacing your product of any age if it was purchased before 30 June 2009. You need to register first before 31 December 2010 to be considered. Please go here for full details  www.pmsefunding.co.uk .

Shure UK have set up a hotline to answer questions on this change. You can contact them by ringing 01992 703038.

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