Aug 31

Here is something a little bit different that can capture the sounds of India and I am sure will bring out the Hippy in you (Love and Peace Man). It is the new stomp box pedal from Electro-Harmonix called the Ravish Sitar Pedal and it should be available in the next few weeks. With this pedal you can transform your guitar into the harmonic and dynamic flexibility of a sitar.

Electro-Harmonix state that they have streamlined the essence of the sitar into a compact enclosure that offers a polyphonic lead voice and tunable sympathetic string drones that dynamically react to your playing. You can also create your own custom scales for the sympathetic strings while you set the decay time for the lead voice. There are two expression pedal inputs which allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the volume of the sympathetic strings simultaneously. These unique controls offer the player the ability to program the Ravish to become a totally unique and organic instrument unto itself. The Ravish is a truly new design with the flexibility to be a crossover tonal wonder.

Ravish Sitar Specifications

* Lead sitar voice tracks your notes polyphonically with a wide range of tonal possibilities
* Selectable decay speed for the Lead voice
* Sympathetic string drone simulation with a wide tonal range
* Selectable keys and scales including major, minor and exotic provided for the
* Sympathetic strings
* Create custom Sympathetic string scales from your guitar
* Ability to choose the Sympathetic key by playing a note on your guitar
* Modulation adds movement to the sympathetic strings
* Bend the pitch of your Lead voice notes using an optional expression pedal
* Control the volume of the Sympathetic drone using an optional expression pedal
* Separate Main Output for all voices plus a secondary Sympathetic Only Output
* Save and recall 9 presets
* 9 Volt power supply provided

It makes me wonder what this pedal would sound like when used with a Synth? Have a look at this clip:-

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