Dec 24

Hi Everybody,

As the day draws in on Christmas Eve, I have been sitting here thinking and reflecting on 2016 and what I have done musically.

Unfortunately I have not met all my goals but I have made significant improvements in the four areas that interest me the most – Songwriting, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

If I am really honest the songwriting is the one that has the least attention and to be honest is the most important. I tried to think about why this is and really it is quite obvious. Everyday I am bombarded with new plugins, free plugins, mixing advice, mastering advice and whilst this is all great and exciting, I am spending more and more time on a computer spending money, downloading software watching YouTube clips etc. instead of sitting at the piano trying out new song ideas.

So for me 2017 will be a year more dedicated to songwriting (well thats the plan).

I hope you have been musically active through 2016 and I thank you for your continued support of my site and I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year – Have a Great Christmas – Tony

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