Oct 24

New Kaotica Eyeball Microphone isolator at AES 2013


Wow – this will get your eyeballs rolling. This to me looks a very clever, neat and compact design for a microphone isolator. It doesn’t look clumsy, looks as if it certainly keeps the outside world out and hopefully allow for some perfect vocal recordings. Read on a watch the You Tube Clips and see what your imporessions are:-

The Kaotica Eyeball channels the sound of your voice directly into your microphone. This means that all of the low and high frequency information contained within your voice can now be captured. Kaotica say that you will hear your own voice for the first time. What I like about this product is it does not add any colouration. The idea of it giving you a clear sound really apeals to me. It also looks like protection for your microphone.

If you really get rid of any ambient noise and sounds from your room and at the same time reduce any potential phase cancellation then I think I will buy one. I do wonder however how this differs from my reflexion filter?

Canadian company Kaotica also state that their Eyeball is practically weightless (weighing just 0.25 lbs) allowing you to take it anywhere, meaning your tracks will always sound like they were recorded in the same place. It will fits most large diaphragm condenser microphones used for vocal recording (1.50” – 2.75” diameter). Its integrated premium blue pop-filter reduces plosive consonants and sibilance without affecting the overall recording quality.

You can buy it now for $199

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  1. Odemar Costa Says:

    Good Morning
    Please, let me know how can I buy Kaotica Eye Ball in Chicago/ thanks, very much. Odemar Costa.

  2. tonylongmusic Says:

    As far as I am aware the Kaotica Eye Ball can only be purchased from them direct.


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