Oct 5

Native Instruments New  Maschine Studio without Software


Here is my marketing idea for those great guys at Native Instruments. My thinking is that most people with a Maschine although would love to have a Maschine Studio, will not consider this when they could have the same functionality when they load the version 2.0 software for $99 instead of having to spend $999.

Why would you buy a Native Instruments Maschine Studio, you already have all of the massive amounts of software, why would you want to buy this all again – it is not logical?

It would make more sense if you could purchase just the hardware. One of the pre-requisites could be that you have to buy the $99 upgrade to version 2.0 first, then it is a simple matter of changing your hardware to the new Maschine Studio Hardware.

This would surely provide more sales of Maschine Studio as it would entice Maschine and Mikro owners alike.

I hope Native Instruments agree with me. If you think this is a good idea, why not contact Native Instruments, perhaps if we all ask nicely, we may be heard.

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