Jan 21

Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad


Its Namm 2013 and Roland for the first time have decided to let us know about their new products early before the doors at NAMM are open.

The first product that caught my eye (mainly because I have been interested in buying something similar for some time now), is their new BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad.

Yamaha used to make one and the most solid looking one I have seen is made by an American company called Hart Dynamics called a Hammer but you cannot buy these sadly in the UK.

So exactly whart are they? For me they are a requirement for electronic drummers so that they can play cowbells, wood blocks, snare rims and metallic sounds like irons and anvils where you dont need a whole drum pad necessarily (especially a mesh head pad) and would rather hit something harder and smaller that can fit in with your existing setup.

Roland have improved on the Yamaha design by giving it a curved shape that mounts on the side of a V-Drums V-Pad or acoustic drum. My first thoughts when mounting on an an existing electronic drum is that probably double trigger but Roland have suitably designed its internal parts to eliminate false triggering while playing surrounding drums and/or pads. One area where the Yamaha product is better is that it is a dual pad visibly divided into two pads, The Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad unfortunately is only a single trigger. Perhaps for NAMM 2014, they will give us the BT-2?

OK but on the positive side, it is compact, and mounts easily through a drum tension rod. You can also use it for functions such as start/stop of backing songs and phrase loops, effects on/off, kit selection, tap tempo, and more.

If you’re a V-Drum player like me, the BT-1 makes it simple to add additional triggers without having to add more pads. This gives you access to additional sounds, as well as convenient control of an enormous range of performance features in your V-Drums module or an SPD-series percussion pad. And with its small size, it’s easy to add additional BT-1s as needed to continuously expand your setup.

I have already seen a price of £69.00 If this is correct, I may consider adding two to use the last two inputs on my module unless they release a 6 inch splash cymbal – now there’s another idea for them.

Have a look at the You Tube Clip:-

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