Oct 1

Today October the 1st sees the release of a new generation of MASCHINE groove production studio in both black and white and both the existing MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO get an update of hardware and software to O/S 1.8. In addition to this you can now by a stand for your maschine to angle it better and provide better playing ergonomics and there are also colored custom kits to change their looks. Very nice but a little bit expensive to change the colour in my opinion.

I have been trying to find out what are the differences between an existing Maschine with 1.8 O/S and the new Maschine people are calling version 2 or MKII. The most noticable aspect are the Pads. You get better sensitivity with version 2 and the newbacklit multicolored pads give you advanced visual orientation – looks superb. You may also notice that the LCD has been re-designed to give you a wider viewing angle. If you don’t take into account the other significant enhancements that are available to both old and new Maschines under the 1.8 O/S, then it is a difficult decision to justify spending another £150 or more on Maschine MKII. I know it is early days at present but other than the new YouTube clip from Jeremy Ellis, there is very little information on MKII.

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