Oct 17

You are probably like me and really want a magic fix for your vocal tracks. I have tried so many different products and I am about to try izotope Nectar Elements but looking at the You Tube clip above I am tempted to try out the new iZotope Nectar2 Vocal Production Suite to breathe some life into my vocal tracks. iZotope say this will treat my vocal to some sweet results, well that sounds about what I need.

So what do you get with New iZotope Nectar2?

With over 150 great presets, the Nectar 2 Production Suite includes the Nectar 2 plug-in with 11 powerful vocal modules which are Harmony, EMT 140-modeled Plate Reverb, FX, Pitch, Delay, De-Esser, Saturation, Compressors, Gate, EQ and Limiter plus two additional plug-ins Breath Control and the Pitch Editor.

This is a very impressive package and I hope there will be some great upgrade packages to upgrade from Elements.

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