Jun 16

NI MASCHINE Update to 2.4.5

Well here is some great news from Native Instruments – If you are lucky enough to own MASCHINE 2 software then you are entitled to this FREE software update of MASCHINE to version 2.4.5. All you have to do is download from their Service Center.

This packed update gives you some great new features including tools for working with samples. Native Instruments explain that:- their latest update to Maschine includes a new option for working with samples in Manual slicing mode. Users can now insert slice points on MASCHINE’s pads while the sample is playing – a fast and intuitive way to begin the process of turning a sampled piece of audio into an original composition. A new Variable Scene Length feature allows Scene lengths to be set independent of the length of patterns, making polyrhythms easier to create and freeing producers from extending a pattern just to fit the scene it resides in. Internal plug-in settings are now savable as defaults, accelerating workflow by instantly loading with popular settings defined by the user.

In addition to these primary improvements, MASCHINE 2.4.5 also features the ability to export Scenes as audio, to export audio as lossless .AIFF files and browsing by product groups – especially useful when searching for third-party plug-ins using the Native Kontrol Standard® (NKS) file format.

You can also automatically export the entire song range without setting a loop range first – great stuff. The Maschine Eraser Tool now deletes a divider between slices instead of merging two slices – excellent. If you want to, you can remove all slices at once directly from the MASCHINE hardware to start again from scratch

If you want to do some browsing, you can now browse by product group (category /vendor) via MASCHINE STUDIO or browse directly from KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard using the new Hardware Browse mode.

Is there anything else? – Yes, you can directly access audio and MIDI settings from the regular preferences dialog and in the Transport Section, a Loop controll has been added to enable and disable Loop playback.

All this for FREE – checkout Native Instruments Site ASAP


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