Jan 9

I love Nord and I love Drums so the “Nord Drum” caught my eye. This is one of the adds from Nord’s website:-

Namm is only nine days away and I don’t really know why but I am quite excited about it this year. I find Namm very much like Christmas, it is a big build, you can’t wait and sometimes you feel a little let down but as the dust settles there is always something you love about it.

Nord have been involved with drums since they started. They gave us the famous ddrums and it was a great shame when they stopped producing them. Their early products go back to 1983. I am not sure whether this advertisment is going to mean the release of a digital drum kit or a drum machine. This image looks like the latter and I can imagine the amalgamation of their drum and synth skills moulded into one like Dave Smith’s Tempest but I will just have to wait and see next week.

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