Nov 21

Its that time again for a bit of music. I like this track ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit for many reasons. Its a simple but very effective track with a good vocal sound, nice production, great tight string sound, good rhythm and very catchy. The strings at the start seem almost robotic which to some extent is very different as this is not how strings are normally played. The bass drum comes in with a quality warmth which is just right for the song – all the ingredients of a hit song. It may not be a song you like but if you write or record songs – I think it is probably worth a listen. You could possibly use it as reference material when you are mixing or mastering. For me I like the idea of what is not in the verse that makes it special. Instead of just increasing your track count adding and layering sounds, why not take them down bare minimums and see how good the vocals sound.

Talking of bare minimums:-


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