Apr 4

Roland seems to do things in quarters and for the second quarter of 2013 just shortly before Musikmesse they have released a few products. The one that caught my eye was the new Boss RC-505 Loop Station. The RC-505 is incredible eye-catching with its colourful display of hands-on controls.

What is the RC-505 Loop Station? Well yes you guessed it is a Looper for you to create phrases, infact five phrases that can all play at the same time. It has some great effects and is full of rhythmic fun.

For each of the five tracks you have dedicated buttons to record, overdub, play or stop as it easily grabs your performance with everything at your fingertips including volume faders,great on board effects (21 input effects and 25 DJ/sampler-style track FX) and 85 rhythms available. What I found remarkable here is, on just one track you can get up to three hours of stereo recording – Wow

At a price of £449 the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station it is looking very tempting.

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