Nov 13




I came across this stunning wallpaper for Sonar X2 and thought this was an excellent piece of work and it got me thinking that Roland / Cakewalk keep moving things forward so quickly that I have hardly had time to get to grips with Sonar X1. If you are like me and are just getting started with Sonar X2 then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected Sonar X2 clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do. As well as the clips below you must also go here for a complete Sonar X2 experience –

1.  SONAR X2 – Transitioning From SONAR X1

2. SONAR X2 – Working with The Matrix

SWA Complete Sonar X2 –

3. SONAR X2 – Loop Recording

4. SONAR X2 – Breverb

5. SONAR X2 – Time Ruler & Transport Tips

6. SONAR X2 – Mix Clinic

7. SONAR X2 – Overview

8. SONAR X2 – Quick and Easy Vocal Techniques

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