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With all the new versions of Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg have been slightly falling behind. Rather than a full new version 8, Steinberg has announced an inbetween but nevertheless a very substantial updates to both its music DAW production systems, Cubase and Cubase Artist. This update not only has the usual workflow improvements but provides some great improvements to its instruments and new effects.

So what do you get for your pennies. Well what caught my eye and I am sure everyone elses, are two new feature which Steinberg have called TrackVersions and Visibility Presets.

You can use TrackVersions for creating, renaming and managing multiple versions of one or more of your audio, MIDI, instrument tracks, chord, tempo and signature tracks. You can then simply switch between variations of track content, including all events and corresponding lanes.

With Visibility Presets, whilst I am sure there are ways to do something similar on other DAWs, Steinberg, in my opinion have this one nailed. To explain this you need to ask yourself how often you would find it useful to view just your string tracks together or your drum or synth tracks etc. Steinberg achieve this in Cubase 7.5 with just a simple quich click.

You will also notice that the Score Editor has been improved by the MIDI editing functionality. This used to be only available in the Key Editor and includes quantizing, transposing and other MIDI tools.

The VST Instrument Rack takes on a new design with an enhanced amount of instrument tracks, multiple MIDI inputs and audio outputs. Whilst a worthy addition is Groove Agent SE 4, which as you know is a great MPC-like drum sampler with 200 Grooves and 120 Kits.

For effects to which there are three, you get LoopMash FX, for those interesting breaks, tape-stops and stutters to trigger’ in real time with any MIDI controller, REVelation which is a new deep silky reverb and Magneto 2, a true warm analogue tape saturation processor.

Then there is HALion Sonic SE 2 which will provide you with loads of great new sounds and a new synth.

Not forgetting VST Connect SE 2 which is available in Cubase 7.5 only as a remote recording plug-in with MIDI data transmission – that’s what I said.

Lastly is something called Transient navigation. This is a Tab to transients on audio events in your Project window. This is all down to their new instant hitpoint navigation.

All sounds impressive stuff to me. I wish Sonar X3 would combine with Steinberg Cubase 7.5 to provide a super DAW – just dreaming again – sorry. Anyway have a look at the clip for a better idea:-

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