Mar 12

Here is something simple but very clever, and my first thought is why hasn’t someone come up with this before? Stochastik Drum Machine by Xitive Inc is a great Apple iPad App Drum Machine with over 1000 sounds. It is not just any old drum machine because it has such a clever difference. This little gem lets you set a possibility or rather a probaility that a drum sound in your rhythm will trigger. What a great idea, I think it is even better than Roland’s idea when they introduced a ‘Human Feel’ – I thought that was ‘Wow’ at the time, but this one makes so much sense and to some extent behaves just like a drummer would. For example let us say you are a drummer playing your basic four to a beat rock pattern, you know after 30 seconds you are going to bored as hell with it and just to impress the band or ensure that the bass player doesn’t fall asleep, you going to slip in an off-beat bass drum beat, double the snare, syncopate with some extra hi-hat hits. Whatever you going to do, you will not do it all the time and you are going to vary it, keep the spark alive and do the unexpected.

Well can you imagine a drum machine that does that? The Stochastik Drum Machine can simply do this by sounding accents and syncopation every so often because you have set your ‘probability’ beats. The real advantages to this is the programming. If you were manually trying to recreate this, you would have to copy the original pattern many times and create different variations so that you do not have the usual
repetitive beats.

With the vast amount of samples in the 180 mb download and the fact you can import your own samples through email, iTunes file sharing or dropbox makes this a fantastic purchase at just under 5 dollars. There is so much more to this, you need to watch the attached you tube clip to see how easy it is:-

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