Jun 16

HyperSound Innovations

Here is something I was not aware of – an audio company called Turtle Beach Corporation (famous for its HyperSound technology), has achieved another great breakthrough by creating directional audio using a transparent pane of glass.

This innovation could be used in such a variety of situations, in fact anything that is made of glass like the windscreen on your car for example. Have a look at the Youtube clip. Even better if you have been at the 2016 Electronics Entertainment Expo at the L.A. Convention Center for the last couple of days or you are there today, Turtle Beach will be showing an early prototype of their HyperSound Glass directional speakers.

So what is good about HyperSound? Well it has Improved audio quality and frequency response, low voltage cables and lower overall power consumption and emitter panel design have improved the ratio of audio volume to panel size, allowing for the production of much smaller panels.

Applications could include desktop monitors, commercial displays, desktop speakers, automotive dashboard glass to provide audio warnings directly at the driver.

So how does it work? Well HyperSound directs a highly directional beam of audio in the air to targeted listeners in a specific spot, delivering an immersive, 3D-like audio experience. You could say it is similar to how a flashlight directs a beam of light.

The Glass itself is similar to touchscreen glass with multiple layers of transparent materials and electronics working in conjunction with the glass. Turtle Beach say that their HyperSound Glass is layered with a set of transparent films allowing it to generate a beam of ultrasound that delivers crisp, clear audio to the targeted listener.


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