Oct 25

Alesis MicLink Wireless Digital Wireless Microphone Adapter


Welcome to great new product from Alesis – the new Alesis MicLink Wireless Digital Wireless Microphone Adapter This is total Wireless Freedom for all you great singers and what’s more you don’t have to buy a wireless mic.

Alessis have done a great job of making this easy, hassle – free just look at their simplification ideas here:-

1. Plug the MicLink Wireless universal XLR transmitter into your dynamic mic of choice.
2. Turn on the receiver.
3. Press and hold the pair button on the receiver and transmitter for 3 seconds.
4. Start performing – for up to 60 feet, for over 6 hours, and with up to 5 wireless systems working simultaneously.

How about that you don’t have any of that awkward channel searching, obviously no  wires to spoil your performance and no loss  in quality – just an easy wireless solution for whatever dynamic mic you are using at the moment – I am impressed have a look at the spec:-

Universal XLR transmitter converts any Lo-Z dynamic microphone into a wireless system

  • Simple single-button pairing of transmitter/receiver; connects in seconds
  • Enjoy up to 60 feet (18.3 m) of reliable connectivity and over 6 hours of battery life
  • Lithium ion-powered transmitter conveniently recharges via USB
  • Connect up to 5 wireless systems simultaneously
  • Reliable 2.4 GHz spectrum; 14 Channels
  • Compact receiver with 1/4″ out and antenna; powered via battery (AAAx3) or included AC adapter
  • Ideal for all but the largest sound environments: Small to medium stages, karaoke, public speaking, wedding, business presentations, and beyond

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