Jan 4

Christmas in January

It is getting very close to that time of year when over 1500 exhibitors are frantically preparing to announce and show off their hot new music/audio products at the Anaheim Convention Centre in Anaheim, California. To me this show is very much like Christmas, some years I am overwhelmed by the amount of goodies and other years I am disappointed either because I am expecting too much or that I was really hoping that a new product that was going to be just right for me was going to be announced and it has not.


Maybe like many people I get swept along by the hype, excitement and rumours that increase as the event draws nearer. Some companies even display a countdown in days hours minutes and seconds and I feel so stupid that some days I find myself looking at them – how sad is that? They make it all just like a drug and what is worse is the fact that even if they convince you that you should buy this new fantastic product, you find out that it will not be available for at least another 6 months. Very strangely none of this discourages you because after all a new product is well….. a new product. It has new facilities, new sounds, more sounds, better sounds, it is better than anything anyone else has, you want it, you’ve go to have it, you want it now.

The Giants

Well to help you with all of that I will be here giving you details of the top products announced from next Thursday to Sunday. I will be particularly looking at the three giants ROLAND, KORG and YAMAHA and hope it is going to be a great Christmas in January for everyone.

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