Dec 30

32 BIT OR 64 BIT?

I am still waiting to get my hands on the new Sonar X1, I have seen it and it looks very impressive, very 2011. I will not pass judgement until I experience some noticeable improvements in my workflow but more importantly I wish to know if it will make my songs sound better?

I am currently researching the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit but in particular what this means in terms of using Sonar X1. The interesting questions that  this raises are :-

Will this make my songs sound better?     or     Could this make my songs sound better?

I know that sounds strange  to pose two similar questions but what I am guessing here is that the 64 bit and 32 bit actually sound the same, but the 64 bit could provide access to say more plugins and therefore could make your sound much better.

If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know by using the comments box.


Anyway whilst I am pondering, waiting and guessing, Cakewalk have released an update to Sonar X1. This is what they say:-

“In the interest of always striving to improve customer experience the SONAR X1 Update has been split into two parts. The first update, X1A, addresses many usability enhancements and overall stability issues across the entire application. The next update X1B, will address a number of additional issues based largely on customer feedback. Availability of the SONAR X1B update will be announced in the first quarter 2011.

It is our active dialog with our users that has helped make SONAR the World class product that it is today. Cakewalk’s delivery of timely product updates is an extension of Cakewalk’s commitment in providing the very best in product support for our customers”.



  • Simple Instrument Tracks can now be routed within the Track Pane
  • Envelope nodes no longer get captured by mouse when dragged below a track boundary
  • ‘BounceBufSizeMsec’ is now working properly, if you are experiencing slow bounce times  see KB2007013213 for more information
  • Inserted Instrument’s data picker displays envelope recorded by previous synth
  • Side chaining now works correctly with mono sources
  • Addressed an issue where SONAR X1 would lose connection with some ASIO devices
  • Bus waveform preview now works correctly regardless of the tab selected in the Multidock
  • Help menu item for Cakewalk support is now pointing to the correct URL
  • Fixed the following conditions which could cause SONAR to crash
    • Drag & dropping after closing the Browser tab on Multidock.
    • Entering a value twice in the Step Sequencer
    • Adding a new synth to the project after writing automation
    • Closing an open project after a dropout when two or more projects are open
    • Adjusting ASIO buffer size on system with multiple Roland audio devices


  • Multidock: Closed Views now remove their tabs if Multidock is collapsed
  • Multidock: maximized state on 2nd display now persists with screenset
  • Browser: in some cases would cause a crash if being undocked while out of focus

FX Chains

  • Drag and drop to a blank space in the clips view now works correctly
  • Drag and drop from a nested folder now works correctly
  • Drag and drop from Browse to Instrument Track FX Bin now works correctly
  • In some cases saving a FX Chain preset from the Inspector or Console would cause a crash


  • Controls are now exposed to ACT
  • Presets now load with enable button in the correct state
  • UI is now graphically updated during live input
  • Now behaves correctly when splitting an Instrument Track
  • Gain knob is now visible on Instrument Tracks
  • EQ: now persists correctly when compacted
  • EQ: now loads at the same octave it was saved
  • 4k Compressor: no longer crashes if side chain key input is a groove clip
  • 4k Compressor: HPF is no longer always on
  • 4K Compressor: Side Chain ON/OFF switch is no longer backwards when processing mono files
  • 4k Compressor: HPF is now more accurate when side chained

Essential and Studio

  • EQ plot in Essential and Studio is now editable
  • Sonitus:fx EQ Pre/Post switch now works correctly


  • It is now possible to move focus to the following via a keystroke:
    • Inspector
    • Browser
    • Multidock
  • New ‘Accessibility’ template with all views open as MDI windows and Track controls set to ‘All’


  • MIDI Meters in Inspector are now positioned correctly after selecting properties
  • Corrected an issue where the inspector could become corrupted when deleting an instrument track
  • Surround Panner now opens correctly on first launch
  • The following commands have been removed:
    • Show all Controllers from the Track view MIDI menu
    • Compact Audio Data, for similar functionality use Utilities | Consolidate Project Audio
  • ‘Open synth rack’ option from the Insert Soft Synth dialog now opens the Browser with the Synth Rack tab selected
  • Version info now displays correctly
  • Inspector now displays correctly when a track is routed to a side chain output
  • Improved support for Japanese operating systems
  • VST Plug-in Properties dialog box no longer throws an error message when dismissed
  • Snap to Transients tooltip is now spelled correctly
  • Most Menu Commands are missing from ACT Control Surface Plug-ins
  • FX Chains cannot be Renamed or Extracted from Inspector or Console View


  • Templates now have browser preview bus set correctly
  • Templates now have the Audio Metronome Output is set correctly
  • Electronic project template now has audio output

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