Jan 7

Rhyme Genie

If you are a songwriter, Rhyme Genie has got to be one of the best tools on the market for lyrics. Do not be put off by this title this is just so much more than a rhyming dictionary. It has  over 300,000 entries exceeding 170,000 phrases, 35,000 proper nouns and 48,000 titles of charted songs . You get all of this and more down-loadable for only $25 (approx £16).

This is a big package and is available as a download from http://www.rhymegenie.com for PC or MAC and requires 650 MB of hard disk space. There is also an  integrated 115,000 word Webster’s dictionary and an extensive thesaurus with over 2.5 million synonyms.

What I really love about this is the variety of ways you can look for information and change your results from  one-syllabic to multi-syllabic rhymes. It can simply give you all the inspiration you need from one of the largest collections of American sayings, idioms, clichés, popular names, places and trademarked brands.

Whether you are a songwriter, lyricist, poet, rapper or jingle writer, you can create song hooks, advertising slogans, headlines and titles by searching for phonetic similarities or exact word matches. You also have over 9 million phonetic references at your fingertips as you select from the following 30 different types of rhyme:- Additive Rhyme, Alliteration, Amphisbaenic Rhyme, Apocopated Rhyme, Assonance, Broken Rhyme, Consonance, Diminished Rhyme, Double Assonance, Double Consonance, Elided Rhyme, Family Rhyme, Feminine Pararhyme, Final Syllable Rhyme, First Syllable Rhyme, Full Assonance, Full Consonance, Half Double Rhyme, Homophones, Intelligent Rhyme, Light Rhyme, Metaphone, Pararhyme, Perfect Rhyme, Related Rhyme, Reverse Rhyme, Rich Rhyme, Soundex, Trailing Rhyme, Weakened Rhyme.

The following clip says it all:-

Great Product – Very impressive.

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