Dec 20

Come on then – it’s a Christmas freebie from those guys at –  What is it ? Well this is what Starplugs have to say about their free DC TERMINATOR:-

+++FREE high end DC/SUBSONIC analysis and eliminating in realtime+++

Enjoy this years Christmas present – our free DC Terminator.
DC or subsonic frequencies cause a muddy and distorted bass perception. DC influences the results of dynamics and filters in a negative way and subsonic frequencies make the speaker compatibility of your mix impossible. So terminate DC and subsonic frequencies while processing single tracks or mastering your music. Enjoy our free DCTerminator. It’s free but it’s a high end tool for DC/SUBSONIC analysis in realtime and eliminating .

• DC/SUBSONIC analysis in realtime
• DC/SUBSONIC eliinating in realtime
• DC- or SUBSONIC- level in percent
• PDF Manual

So what are you waiting for?

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