Oct 17

Music Notation for MS Word
I am like many people and use MS Word for most things and was very surprised and delighted to find information on the announcement of Music Notation for MS Word. What a great idea  – and why hasn’t someone come up with this before?

Fancy having a music notation editing product that allows you to edit and publish music notation in a convenient Microsoft Word environment. Apparently musicnotationformsword.com have said this is easy to learn package with fantastic features such as point and click transposing. For composing of music, it can support MIDI keyboards, virtual piano keyboards and guitar fingerboards.

What I have always wanted to have is an easy facility to combine text and musical notation. For anyone that has ever considered writing a book about music this would be such a “must-have” requirement to make the job quicker and be able able to present the information in exactly the way you want to, in order to emphasise the musical points you are making. Well with Music Notation for MS Word, it is easy to combine music notation with professional text formatting, complex graphics, mathematical equations and tables directly in Microsoft Word to produce stunning publications, educational matters and tutorials, and articles with a professional appearance.

They also state that ” Publishing sheet music in the Internet or printing sheet music to produce handouts or brochures could not be simpler. The  product allows inserting sheet music, diagrams or adding groups of chord descriptions by simply clicking buttons, or even creating new musical symbols with ease.”

An interesting aspect of this product that surprised me was that it can send Word documents complete with music notation to anyone. The recipient will not need to install the product to see the music notation. There will be no need to save documents as a PDF files or export them as images to let the recipients see or print sheet music – what a great idea.

There is a free evaluation version of Music Notation for MS Word available. For a limited time you can buy it for $99 (approx £70)

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