Sep 25

New from Native Instruments – Kinetic Metal – KOMPLETE instrument

There is just no stopping Native Instruments who just keep churning out new products at the rate of knots. Can you afford to keep up with them? Do you have enough hard disk space. This little gem of fun – Kinetic Metal is 1.55 GB (compressed) has 1751 samples and 211 Instruments and costs 99 Euros which is approximately £83 or $134.

To be fair this may seem expensive but it is quite a sizeable interesting and different product. Just watch the You Tube clip above which is a training video on its use and gives you much more than a rough idea as to what this awesome product is capabale of. KINETIC METAL allows you to forge very unconventional sounds and have a very playable instrument to inspire your creativity. I particularily love the facility that provides Motion. It can create anything from delicate percussive music box qualities to scary ethereal textures.

What I also like is the way this instrument behaves. Basically it will combine four samples with four artificial waveforms and then arrange them for you into four unique new sounds whilst the Forge wheel will cleverly and continuously morph between them – What an awesome sound design concept – love it. I can feel a purchase coming on – not more GBs for my PC.


KINETIC METAL also has an FX wheel which allows you to get even more creative. Very similar to the Forge wheel, the FX wheel has four main settings. You can use these basically as a starting point on your sound creation. As well as this there are eight effect knobs for you to customise the effects for endless possibilies. Have I tempted you yet? I think I am and have tempted myself.

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