Sep 10

Propellerheads Reason 5 and Record 1.5 are out now. Everyone is talking about them and I want to understand a bit more about how much Reason 5 has improved over Reason 4.

The first thing to think about are the various packages available. According to Propellerheads they come in four flavours:-

1. All new Reason 5 – This is the package to get if you don’t own Reason and you feel you don’t need Record yet.

2. Record Reason Duo – Combine Reason and Record and they fuse into one incredibly powerful music application

3.  Record for Reason Owners – Record for Reason Owners upgrades any version of Reason to Record 1.5 and Reason 5.

4.  Reason Upgrade – For owners of both Reason and Record, upgrades Reason to version 5 — and includes a free upgrade to Record 1.5 for Record owners.

OK so I have Reason 4 – Should I upgrade to the Record for Reason Owners package? – I want to know more.

Kong Drum Designer

Now you are talking – I think this is the part that interests me the most. Kong has 16 pads, one sound per pad, 4 analog synthesis drum generators, 3 Physical-modeling drum generators, sampling, Rex Loop player, Analogue Kick Generator, Snare Generator, Hi-Hat Generator, Sampling with Massive layering capabilities, Physical-modeling for (Kick,Snare and Toms), Rex player with advanced slice trigger mode, sound altering support generators and effects.


OK, so you had me at the word “Kong” – I need Reason 5, I must have reason 5, give me Reason 5 – but do I need Record 1.5?

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