My World of Native Instruments MASCHINE

Welcome to my Native Instruments Maschine Page. Here I intend to bring you Maschine Projects containing high quality samples, interesting kits and patterns.

I shall soon be releasing 20 Maschine Kits in my new Maschine Expansion called The Filta Revolution. Below is a You Tube demo of the 20 Kits and Patterns.

Further down you will find two free Maschine Kits for you to do creatively what you will with. If you pass the message on for others to download – that would be great – Thanks.



Have a listen to all 20 kits and their patterns by playing the You Tube clip above.

PLEASE NOTE – This expansion requires that you have:-
1. A Native Instruments Maschine with version 1.8 or higher loaded and
2. A Soundcard that can handle Wav files at 24 Bit, 96 kHz



New Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revoulution.

20 High Quality Kits packed with Electro, Industrial and Filtered Sounds recorded at 24 Bit 96 kHz. 20 Project Files, 20 Pattern Files, 20 Kits and 320 Poweful Wav files bursting with energy.

To purchase these awesome kits simply click on the image.





Both of these kits have: 1 Maschine Project file, 1 Maschine Kit file, 1 Maschine Pattern file and 16 Wav files recorded at 24 Bit 96 Khz.

Individually click on the image to download the Dub Kit and the Pump Kit – I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget at the bottom of this page is also a link to my Maschine educational page, where I am trying to get a group of You Tube Clips to help you and me understand this beast better.




I originally intended for this to be for Maschine Mk 2 but there are so many excellent clips out there that can help us understand various aspects of the Maschine that I decided to include earlier clips as well.

You will find information on things like Scenes, Colour Pads, Time Stretching Audio, Send Effects, Step Recording, How to make Dubstep, Building Live Mixes, Layer Plugins, Basslines and Chords and Maschine Chillout.

Just click on this lovely picture of a Black Maschine on the left to access the You Tube Clip page.