Access Virus 3 Pack Special

Access Virus 3 Pack Special

Price: £38.97

Special Offer Buy All 3 Access Virus Soundsets for only £34.99

These three Access Virus Ti Soundsets were designed for use on the Virus Ti and Virus Ti2 Synths are now available for download as a 3-pack set giving you three complete banks of 128 at a reduced price. This epic adventure into sound design extends your sonic palette with a massive range of Genres and Sound Types and provides you with 384 new patches.

Soundset 1 - EUPHORIA gives you sounds for Electronica, Euphoric, Minimal, Electro, Techno, House, DnB, Chillout, Experimental, Avant-garde, Trance, Psy-trance, Dance.

Soundset 2 - FORTUNE & GLORY for Tribal, Ethnic and Ethereal flavours as well as phat bass and lead sounds, Silky Atmospheric and Euphoric Pads and drum sounds from the heart of the jungle. Add to this a delicate touch of FX, Trance, Dance and Acid and you have a useful soundset to inspire your creativity for  Tribal, Chillout, Ambient, World Sounds, Cinematic, Ethnic, Experimental, Electro, Avant-garde, Psy-trance and Dance.

Soundset 3 - CREATIVE DISTORTION  with Grinding Acid Bass, Amp - Simulated Guitars, screeching leads, Evolving Arps and Pads, Electro-Machine Drums, Dance and Trance Stabs, Tenori-On and sound effects for  Electronica, Acid, Electro, Techno, House, DnB, Experimental, Avant-garde, Trance, Psy-trance, Dance, rock and  metal.


See the individual soundsets for details of Patch Lists and Sound Demos on You Tube clips

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