Access Virus Ti Soundset – Euphoria

Access Virus Ti Soundset – Euphoria


Access Virus Ti Soundset designed for use on the Virus Ti and Virus Ti2 Synths is now available for download.

Electronica, Euphoric, Minimal, Electro, Techno, House, DnB, Chillout, Experimental, Avant-garde, Trance, Psy-trance, Dance

Sound Types Include:-
Leads, Bass, Digital, Arpeggiator, fat, pad, piano, drums, FM, Decay, Organ, chords, stabs, vintage, analog, Moog, modular, layered.

(See Below For Full Patch List and to listen the demo)

Access Virus Ti Soundset designed for use on the Virus Ti, Virus Ti2 and the Virus Snow Synths is now available for download.
A carefully scultpted bank of 128 Access Virus patches with sounds and textures that shake your speakers, filtered Arps that interweave like spaghetti, "infected" Trance and Acid sounds that grind your teeth, warm oscillator tones that go deep into the heart of the virus and those night-time dark mysterious Atmospherical Sounds. Play with the Modulation Wheel and Soft Knobs and make these sounds your own.

After many weeks of dedication, determination, hard work and fun, I created my Access Virus Ti Soundset. As a songwriter and musician I wanted patches to instantly give me the inspiration to write songs, and have cutting-edge electronic synthesizer sounds.

How To Download and Install

The Access Virus Soundset is very easy to download and install. All you need to do is click Download now and pay for the Patches using our shopping cart and Paypal.

Follow the link in the confirmation email and download the Access Virus Sound bank.

Connect Your Access Virus to your computer. Using the Virus Control Software either load the patches to your RAM banks or burn the patches to your ROM.

Compatibility Info
Access Virus Ti
Access Virus Ti2
Access Virus Snow
(Please note: if used with other versions of the Access Virus results may vary)

Access Virus Ti Patch list

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