R&ME (Download)

R&ME (Download)


This is my new single from my forthcoming album of the same name R & Me (Rhythm and Me) . As a drummer I can certainly say that "Rhythm is in me" and always will be. It was made with all the up-to date synths and vocal trickery available which I am sure you will love. This song has a great little hook at the start, a nice feel to the verses and a very catchy chorus - what more do you want?

I love my first album MINAMALISTIC to bits, it was a great project but I only sang on one track. My new album will feature my vocals on most tracks, if not all. I have a great psychedelic track done called STONED which doesn't have any vocals and this sounds so good as it is - I might just leave it that way.

Best Wishes,

Tony Long

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