Dec 24



Thank you for your continued support throughout the year and I am sorry my time has not been fully devoted to the site. I have been very busy improving my skills in the art of recording, mixing and mastering. It seems that as I have increased my skills this year so has my collection of plug-ins and I have been very pleased with the updates that Cakewalk have done to my DAW – Sonar Platinum.

As always as January 2016 fast aproaches, I look forward to NAMM. Already, the possibility of new synth from Yamaha interests me – what have they been doing for the last few years? The same goes for Access. It seems their fantastic synth the Virus has been forgotten about? The world’s financial climate has meant that we are not being flooded with new products and those that are coming our way, seem to be smaller and smaller and very plastic and lightwight – is this really what everyone wants?

Anyway enjoy Christmas Day which in England is only an hour and half away – see you in the new year – Tony x

Dec 31

It is New Year – why not start the year with some new sounds for your favourite synth or drums? We have the following Soundset Patches:-


Roland Gaia Dance XS
Roland Gaia Extravaganza
Roland Gaia Clubland

Access Virus Euphoria
Access Virus Creative Distortion
Access Virus Fortune and Glory

Novation Ultranova Technova
Novation Mininova Elektrova

M-Audio Venom Snakedance
Korg SV-1 Cause and Effect
Kurzweil PC3 – Free Sounds

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – The Filta Revolution
TD-30 V-Drum Expansion Kits – Electro Mayhem


Just click on the Synth Patches or Drums in the Menu Bar at the top.

Jul 8

***** 384 Patches *****

Hi, if you have an Access Virus and are looking for some fresh new sounds, don’t forget to check out my 3 Pack Special at a great price.

These three Access Virus Ti Soundsets were designed for use on the Virus Ti and Virus Ti2 Synths are now available for download as a 3-pack set giving you three complete banks of 128 at a reduced price. This epic adventure into sound design extends your sonic palette with a massive range of Genres and Sound Types and provides you with 384 new patches.

Just click the image for further information, demo , patch list and order. For the 3-Pack simply scroll down the Access Virus page.

Jan 11

Forget Christmas – January is the Month for Music Makers



January is my Christmas with the anticipation of what is to come. On the 15th January, Roland are to announce their new products and from the 23rd to 26th January 2014 we have the famous Namm show from Anaheim Convention Centre, 800 West Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92802.


So what are we likely to see in 2014? Will it be something new from access like a Ti 3 or something outstanding from Yamaha to put to bed the MOTIF and MOX series for good. I am sad to see the undeveloped Roland Fantom 8. In my opinion there is nothing like it out there. It had so much potential. I truly hope that if Roland bring out another 88 note synth it has a fantastic piano action keyboard like the Fantom 8 unlike the MOTIF or the Kronos who quite frankly should supply a much better key action for the cost.


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Jun 25


It is Summertime and you need to inject some new life into your Synthesizer. Why not buy a new soundset full of exciting patches to help get your creative juices flowing with new sounds for new songs. There are some great patches for the world’s best synths –

The Access Virus, Roland GAIA, Novation Ultranova, M-Audio Venom and the Korg SV-1. There is also a three pack for the Access Virus and a Twin Pack for the Roland Gaia.

These will help you save even more money as all the sets are fantastic value for money and cheaper than anywhere else for this quality.

Just click on the “Synth Patches” drop down menu above


Feb 23

SPECIAL OFFER – 3 soundset Packs only £31.99

Why not treat your Access Virus to some great new sounds. 384 sounds in three sets, Euphoria, Creative Distortion and Fortune and Glory. This is Simple Download with patch list and loading instructions included. The soundsets already have a great and very competative price and now you can save £3.98 by purchasing all three sets together.

These sounds cover a massive range of Genres from Electro to Dance, Trance to Urban, Rock to Minimal, Ambient to House. They are packed solid with bass, leads, pads, arps, drums and effects all with that great Access Virus Sound. Just click the image below to take you to the three pack set:-

Feb 1

Here is something special I seemed to have missed from the NAMM 2012 show – the announcement of Access Virus Ti O/S 5 which is going to bring us some great new filters. This Synth just grows and grows and gets better all of the time. Have a look at this:-

Dec 23

Hi, I am proud to announce that I have just released a new soundset for the Access Virus – “Creative Distortion”. This is the third soundset for the Access Virus from Tony Long Music. There are 128 Creative Sounds crafted with cunning distortion to assist songwriting creativity.

This aggressive soundpack is essential for all genres – from Rock to Trance and Ambient to Acid. Feed your Access Virus a treat with these infectious patches. Grinding Acid Bass, Amp – Simulated Guitars, screeching leads, Evolving Arps and Pads, Electro-Machine Drums, Dance and Trance Stabs, Tenori-On and sound effects.

There are now 384 sounds available to you in three sets if you are an Access Virus user. I still think the Access virus is one of the best synths in the World – it has such a great design and great support and stands the test of time.

To hear a demo of the sounds, just click the You Tube demo here:-

For further information and download :-

Oct 13

New O/S
You may remember that some months ago I told you about the new O/S for the Access Virus Ti and all of its new incredible features. A Beta version was released for use and testing and finally this week the Virus TI OS has been released. It is is compatible with the entire Virus TI series and supersedes any previous releases. It is available now, free of charge, from the Accees Music website.
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Jan 15

The Access Virus Ti has just been voted the best Synth by the readers of Sound on Sound and I must say I am inclined to agree with them.

Don’t forget if you are looking for some professional sounds for your Virus – check out my two soundbanks EUPHORIA and FORTUNE and GLORY – 256 new sounds waiting for you here in an easy download:-

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