Jan 10

Coming Soon

Here is a sneak preview as to what to expect in the new Access Virus O/S update version 4.5. There have been some fantastic additions to the effects with a new Chorus/Vibrato/Rotary Speaker section. Access say that this free update should be available soon. It seems there is nothing these guys at Access can’t do. It is is great to buy a product that does not become an “Old” model after a couple of years. Instead Access just keep improving there original product.

Virus TI OS 4.5 Preview Movie 1 from access music on Vimeo.

Jan 1

Thanks for your support and interest in my site throughout 2010. I have been building continuously and now have some great information pages for you:-


Visit my BLOG for detailed reviews on some of the best products around like Korg Monotron, Roland AX-Synth, Cakewalk Sonar X1, Alesis DM7, Yamaha Tenori-On, Roland GAIA,  Novation Ultranova,  Roland Octapad SPD30, Details of free VSTs and many more here:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/


Take a look at the new DRUM page with interesting, funny and educational clips:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/drums/


Download a FREE TRACK – great music for a drive in the Country:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/free-track/


If you have an ACCESS VIRUS SYNTH, I now have 256 new professional sounds for you to download in my two soundsets – EUPHORIA and FORTUNE & GLORY. Have a listen to the YouTube Clips here:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/access-virus-patches/


For the ROLAND GAIA owners – check-out my Soundset EXTRAVAGANZA. Packed full of today’s 3 oscillator phat sounds:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/roland-gaia-patches/


There is a lot going to happen in 2011 so if you haven’t done so already bookmark my page or click on the RSS feed

A HAPPY ’11 to you and good luck & success in music for 2011 !!!


Dec 16

I came across this website recently http://matrixsynth.blogspot.com/ and found a great site to spend time on watching many of its interesting video clips. Although it leans towards vintage synths with some detailed information, which is great, I also found some other clips containing my favourite up-to-date analogue synths like the Access Virus and the Waldorf Blofeld.

What I particularly liked was the section headed SYNTH BABES – http://matrixsynth.blogspot.com/search/label/Synth%20Babes. Apart from the obvious reason for this attracting my attention, there was a such a diverse selection of clips.

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Dec 5

Fortune and Glory

It is finally here after months of work – another new soundset for the Access Virus from tonylongmusic. Theses 128 carefully crafted sound patches take you on an adventure into sound creation, extending  your sonic palette with Tribal, Ethnic and Ethereal flavours as well as phat bass and lead sounds, Silky Atmospheric and Euphoric Pads and drum sounds from the heart of the jungle. Add to this a delicate touch of FX, Trance, Dance and Acid and you have a useful soundset to inspire your creativity whatever your style of music:-

Fortune and Glory - Access Virus Patches

Do you know someone who owns an Access Virus Ti, Ti2 or Snow? If so this will make a great Christmas present for them. Click here for more information:-


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