Aug 20


Simmons have certainly been around a few years now with their history of electronic drums. Makes me wonder if Roland would have invented the V-Drums if it wasn’t for Simmons. Simmons have some great ideas and in our new world of everything small, compact, cheaper and competative, they have announced a new drum controller called Stryke6..

Stryke6 is the first ever iPad controller that Simmons tells us it gives you a full drum kit playing experience. It has six velocity-sensitive pads plus two foot pedals for kick and hi-hat control and its small size is perfect for playing on the move.

What is nice is the App is free and you connect your controller to your iPad. The App has a good range of sounds or alternatively via USB connect to any computer to trigger Drum sounds such as EZ Drummer, Garage Band, Logic, Ableton Live etc.

It has colour coded Pads ach with colored LED light ringsand is ideal for practicing, even if you are on the move. Drum sticks are included, and it comes with connections for Lightning and 30-pin iPads, as well as a USB port.

Simmons Stryke6 is available now for US $129.99.

Aug 21

Free Focusrite Recording App for the iPad called ‘Tape’


How good is this for all you musicians out there with iPads (version 2 or later). This a free App from those marvels at Focusrite that can do quick easy two-track recordings to capture your creativity in a flash.

Tape is simple and easy to use and can you believe they have also chucked in instant mastering, one-button push compression, a metronome, input level meteres customisable tape artwork and social media connectivity.That is a very generous freebie, you need to get it now.

You could easily share your ideas with friends on-line, create a simply album recording and then name it and create the album artwork. For me it is a perfect song-writing tool with no messing about.

Dec 25

Thank you all for your support during 2012. It is almost a second full-time job keeping this site going. I am sure 2013 is going to be just as exciting as 2012, with Winter NAMM 2013 just around the corner to tease us with new products.


It makes me wonder what will be possible on the iPad at this time next year. Its advances are staggering in the music world and I can’t believe the recent products like the Akai iMPC for an incredible price. You can’t quite top that but I must say when Novation released a free App this month called Launchkey, I was amazed at just how good this is:-


This time of year also gives many offers and discounts. If you are looking for offers on samples then Loopmasters is the place to go:-

Have a great Christmas and I will look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Dec 16

The iPad still contiues to bring some great program Apps at a great price. For all you Maschine and MPC fans (and even if you are not either), there is now the iMPC from Akai in collaboration with Retronyms

For those of you familiar with MPCs, you even get the old faithful quantise and swing features and the ability to sample directly into the app. The Projects that you create here can also be loaded into the MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio. Cost from the Apple App Store is only £4.99/$6.99.

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Dec 16


It is strange but as soon as someone has an idea about something, it is not long before someone else has implemented it. I don’t know how many times I have been asked whether different Music Apps can work with each other and up to now, I have given the same answer – “Unfortunately no”.

Now there is something very clever called Audiobus which is basically an app audio routing system where you can connect your Audiobus-compatible music apps together, just like virtual cables. Hopefully, in time Audiobus will become an Industry Standard whereby all Music Apps use it.

Have a look at that famous Jordan Rudess who loves playing with his Apps:-

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Nov 30

Take a look at this new App from Korg – the iPolysix based on the Polysix keyboard that was a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer made in 1981 – this looks great fun. What I love about this is up to eight instances of the synth can be used in conjunction with new features that include a sequencer, drum machine, multiple effects, Korg’s acclaimed Kaoss touch functionality for intuitive note and controller entry, and a complete automated mixer – wow.

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Jun 16

Here is an App that I think I will get that I came across the other day (mainly because it was App of the week) – It is called Werkbench by Bolasol.

Essentially it is a beatbox that is part loop pedal and part drum machine. I think it certainly looks different from the rest and I am told it is both Poweful and user-friendly. It is powerful for the simple reason it has two live-sampling step sequencers. Each step in the sequence holds its own sample that can be recorded and manipulated in real-time.
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Mar 12

Here is something simple but very clever, and my first thought is why hasn’t someone come up with this before? Stochastik Drum Machine by Xitive Inc is a great Apple iPad App Drum Machine with over 1000 sounds. It is not just any old drum machine because it has such a clever difference. This little gem lets you set a possibility or rather a probaility that a drum sound in your rhythm will trigger. What a great idea, I think it is even better than Roland’s idea when they introduced a ‘Human Feel’ – I thought that was ‘Wow’ at the time, but this one makes so much sense and to some extent behaves just like a drummer would. For example let us say you are a drummer playing your basic four to a beat rock pattern, you know after 30 seconds you are going to bored as hell with it and just to impress the band or ensure that the bass player doesn’t fall asleep, you going to slip in an off-beat bass drum beat, double the snare, syncopate with some extra hi-hat hits. Whatever you going to do, you will not do it all the time and you are going to vary it, keep the spark alive and do the unexpected.

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Oct 17

Animoog Pro Synth App for the iPad made by Moog

Can you imagine having a Moog on your iPad? well now there is Animoog, which is the first professional synthesizer designed for the iPad. It is powered by Moog’s new Anisotropic Synthesis Engine. It captures the vast library of sounds from the famous Moog synthesizers and applies it to the moderntouch surface paradigm,enabling anyone to quickly sculpt incredibly fluid and dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as you play them.

The good news is that if you are an iPad owner, you can currently purchase it at the incredible no-brainer price of 69 pence – yes that is what I said 69 pence or $0.99. The price will unfortunately rise to £20.99 after 30 days.

The heart of Animoog is Moog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine (ASE), a technology that has been in development at Moog for nearly six years. This looks an amazingly entertaining instrument that I am sure is going to be both fun and educational. There will be people who discover the joy of making music using a synthesizer through Animoog who might not have otherwise giving people a nearly-free opportunity to explore a truly inspirational creative tool.”

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