Jan 19

So much great stuff at this year’s winter Namm. 2012 now brings us an Analog Synth called the MiniBrute from Arturia. This is another little synth to compete with the Roland GAIA and the Novation Ultranova. I need to get my hands on this promising product to see if it can do better than the GAIA and the Ultranova and find out how it compares with say the Access Virus Ti2. Arturia states that it has a pure analog signal path and several innovative features. Have a look at this tasty You Tube clip:-

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Jan 4

New features for Spark 1.4:

Here is some great news, following my review of the Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine, Arturia have announced the release of Spark 1.4 as a major update free for all registered users. Version 1.4 gives you 50 great new kits and 448 instruments. These have been built by five contemporary electronic and hip hop producers. they range from deep electro house to the finest urban sounds. This ibrary also integrates new and faithful recreations of vintage drum machines. To complete this incredible update, Spark embeds five new powerful effects such as the Destroyer, the Space Pan and the earth shaking Sub Generator.There is also advanced MIDI out functions, a full range of hardware shortcuts and the XY pad latch mode that will considerably speed up your workflow.
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Oct 8

Arturia have just announced the release a new Soft Synth – the Oberheim SEM V. It has been quite a few years for them without any addition to their Synthesizer Anthology series but now they will bring back to life as a software Synth, one of the world’s greatest synthesizers.

The Oberheim SEM V will accurately emulate the famous sound and interface of the original Synthesizer Expander Module introduced by Oberheim Electronics in 1974. It will reproduce the exact tone, waveshapes, multimode 12dB/octave filter and other detailed characteristics that this Synth had. On top of this it will also brings the benefits of polyphony, MIDI control, arpeggiation and some innovative functionalities such as the 8-voice programmer, or the advanced keyboard follow.

It has been used by famous bands and musicians including The Human League, Goldfrapp, John Carpenter, Joe Zawinul, Jan Hammer.

Have a look at Arturia website www.arturia.com in a couple of weeks time on October 25th for more information.

Jun 12


I am just about to look at 480 instruments and 30 Kits from both vintage drum machines and acoustic kits all in one drum solution made of a software application and a dedicated hardware controller. It is the new Arturia Spark creative drum machine announced at NAMM this year which combines multi-layered drum samples from all the vintage greats and adds power with Arturia’s TAE Analog Synthesis and physical modelling.

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