Jan 6



It is getting near that Namm time again. I hope we have some great new products. Have you heard any Namm 2015 rumours yet? How about this one from Casio – the new Casio XW-PD1 Trackformer. There is not much information about this yet but I am sure this teaser will get you interested.

I think it some kind of Groove Box with the old familiar 16 pads. Do you have any thoughts?

Can’t wait till Namm to find out





Apr 15


There were some excellent kits at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013, like this awesome Roland and Sonor kit. The noise and excitement as you walked around the Halls as drummers of all levels showed the crowd their capabilities. I was really impressed by a young girl of only eight and half years who showed an incredible ability which included snare drum technique, a very skilled hand a feet co-ordination and an obvious grasp of syncopation that you do not normally see at this age.

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Jan 27

NAMM 2013 Casio Privia PX5S Stage Piano

Well he says it here – this stage piano is so much more than just a stage piano. Casio seem to be going from Strength to Strength.

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Jul 15

Summer Namm 2012 Nashville Convention Cente and it is great to see Casio continue to develope their Privia digital piano range with the announcement of four new models, the PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850 available in Black or White. These provide you with an enhanced keyboard and a new powerful sound engine. I was very impressed with the fact that they already have the lightest piano available with a great keyboard action on an 88 hammer action weighted keys. If they have really enhanced this further, then you really should check this out.

Casio state that these new Privia digital pianos deliver exceptional sound quality and are equipped with an abundance of new features, offering an enhanced performance.” They appear to have redesigned their 88-note Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard. From a feel point of view you have what feels like ebony and ivory texture on the keys and if you couple this with a scaled weighted action, it starts to feel similar to an acoustic piano. At the same time their tri-sensors capture your performance with every detail and nuance.

Casio also have a new sound source called “AiR” which stands for Acoustic and intelligent Resonator. This uses over three times the waveform memory of the previous Privias has 128 note polyphony and gives you better dynamics, damper resonance and even compensates for the speed at which hammers strike strings at different velocities and key ranges. The PX-350 and PX-850 also provide the ability to record a 44.1kHz .wav file directly to a USB thumb drive.

I want to try one of these soon.

Jan 19

Namm 2012 and the first Synth from Casio in 20 years – The CASIO XW-P1 to be available in March 2012 and yet another Casio Synth to follow in April the XW-G1.

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Oct 16


Casio are a company that are currently celebrating their 30th Anniversary and for me were best known for their home keyboards. In my opinion, they have always been great value for money quite often providing some very innovative ideas but keeping everything sensibly priced. For many musicians, thinking about them from a professional gigging point of view, I think it would be fair to say that they would not be a name near the top of their list when thinking about buying a synth or piano. Today however the world is a different place and if you have read some of my recent reviews you will find that especially where keybeds and keyboard action are concerned, even the companies that we love and trust do not necessarily provide us with a good keybed that is a pleasure to play but they still charge us an arm and a leg for the product. If it does have a great keyboard with touch-sensitive hammer action full size keys with after-touch then the chances are the weight of carrying around may put you off.
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