Jan 25

Here is one of my favourites a great little drum machine hardware / software hybrid from Arturia called SPARK and now for NAMM 2013 the SPARK LE at a great price of only £229.

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Jan 21

Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad


Its Namm 2013 and Roland for the first time have decided to let us know about their new products early before the doors at NAMM are open.

The first product that caught my eye (mainly because I have been interested in buying something similar for some time now), is their new BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad.

Yamaha used to make one and the most solid looking one I have seen is made by an American company called Hart Dynamics called a Hammer but you cannot buy these sadly in the UK.

So exactly whart are they? For me they are a requirement for electronic drummers so that they can play cowbells, wood blocks, snare rims and metallic sounds like irons and anvils where you dont need a whole drum pad necessarily (especially a mesh head pad) and would rather hit something harder and smaller that can fit in with your existing setup.

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Jan 18

Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Cymbals

I remember when I was 15 and getting the train up to London and buying my first quality cymbals, they were Paiste Formula 602 Sound Edge 15 inch Hi-Hats. They were excellent, in fact they were so good, it made the rest of cymbals sound like Lo-Fi. They were so crisp and sounded like a 192 kHz, 24 Bit recording. I couldn’t wait to buy a  22 inch ride and a 16 inch crash, which I did after saving every penny I could to get them. I finally bought an 18 inch crash to complete my rock set up. I loved reading up on Paiste’s special metal formula that went into these and the fact that they were hand-made in Switzerland.

I was quite surprised therefore after all this time they have re-introduced them and now a new enhanced version called Modern Essentials. Their endorsement is something special as well because they have been developed in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta.

Vinnie had a few words to say about these :-  “I wanted to take some of that richness, warmth, darkness and a bit of complexity of the Signature Traditionals and combine that with the transparency and stick definition of the existing 602 sound. In retrospect, I think that Paiste Sound Development had a very similar idea. Their vision and my vision were completely in alignment.”

This excellent range of cymbals include 14″ and 15″ hi hats, 16:, 18: and 20″ crashes, 18″ and 22″ Chinas, 20″ and 22″ rides and 8″ and 10″ splashes and you can try them out at Namm but if you can’t get there have a look at www.paiste.com.

Dec 29


Save a massive £4.00 in our Winter Sale on our TD-30 Expansion Pack  (Electro Mayhem) of 25 New Electronic Kits for your TD-30 Module.
Great Sound – Great Kits. Was £13.99 now only £9.99
In American Dollars – this is approx $16.15 or in Euros it is approx 12.2 Euros.
Just click the Image for an easy payment and an easy download.
Dec 11



If you have always thought that you would like to learn to play the drums in the privacy of your own home but you cannot make too much noise, you may have thought about an electronic kit. The trouble is, when you look at the kits available, they seem to be either too expensive or they don’t really look like they are a full drum kit. I am about to look deep into a new electronic kit from Yamaha – The DTX400K and this may be exactly what you are looking for. It has been said that The DTX 400K is an ideal starter drum kit which is both compact and lightweight in its design. I want to determine its suitability and features for the new drummer starting out.

Whilst Roland are clearly the front runner in the world of Electronic Drums, I have always believed Yamaha do a better job in meeting the needs of the beginner. I have not heard or played the DTX400K but I am reasonably confident that Yamaha will have produced a product that not only sounds good but makes it a fun enough instrument so that you learn whilst enjoying yourself – that has got to be the best way to learn.

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Nov 27

Here is some great drumming on electronic kits. Linda Mertens (Milk Inc) is assisted by some famous drummers all playing Roland V-Drums live – see who you recognise. Milk Inc. (previously known as Milk Incorporated and briefly known as La Vache in France) have been around since 1996. They are a vocal trance band that formed in Belgium. Concerts are performed annually by Milk Inc. at Sportpaleis.

Oct 30

It’s here – the new expansion pack for your Roland TD-30 – Electro Mayhem. 25 New Electro Kits for the Roland TD-30 Module from Tony Long Music. Add a little retro sparkle to your drum sounds. These kits have been designed to make use of new enhancements that came with the TD-30 Module, drawing on effects, compression, EQ, de-tuning, re-sizing and re-shaping.

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Oct 14


If you have been into Electronic Drums like me since they first came out, you may well have had a Roland Kit at some point. For me, I have been working my way up from my early TD-7, through to the TD-10 and TD-20 modules until now the new TD-30. Affording a £5000 or more kit is not for the faint hearted. I have still not achieved it and I have made as many compromises as I possibly could along the way to achieve a decent kit and keep the cost as low as possible. The primary part of an electronic kit is without doubt the module or brain as it sometimes called. Although this is another big outlay, it did not seem too bad after the sale of my expanded TD-20 module.
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Oct 4


Another lovely update – this time from Arturia who have just provide a great free update Version 1.5 to their SPARK Creative Drum Machine.

With this update Version 1.5, they have taken the art of creative rhythm programming and performance to a whole new level with a fantastic array of new performance-orientated features and a massive library which has 118 kits (28 new ones) and 1,800 instruments.

There is a new Tune feature, to easily compose melodies on the MIDI controller’s hardware drum pads and sequencer step buttons; the sample engine now enables Choke groups, so users can creatively specify samples that will cut each other off when triggered – this is great for emulating a hi-hat ‘choke’. It also offers creative modes for layering samples (circular, random, stack, threshold). The flexible FX Pad now includes the Oberheim SEM V filter featured in Arturia’s Oberheim SEM V soft synth for unique warmth and depth to those still-sought-after synth sweeps. I have just downloaded it and it sounds great.

Sep 1

Yamaha have just quietly announced a new series of electronic drums aimed at the beginner – the DTX400 series. There are three new drum kits – the DTX400K, DTX430K and DTX450K. They have attempted to provide a cost-efective kit with the same legacy as all of their othe DTX kits to tempt new players / beginners.

A USB connection enables the player to control VSTi drum sound libraries and record directly to computer software. It’s also possible to import new songs via Yamaha’s Music Soft Downloader. New Apps will also be launched in 2013, designed to work alongside the DTX400 series to present an exciting interactive learning experience. The sounds within the new DTX400 module include stereo recordings of real drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments that respond to playing dynamics for truly musical expression. There are classic sounds from the history of drumming, including some of Yamaha’s best loved acoustic drums. Users can also create their own ‘bespoke’ drum kits from the library of over 165 drums sounds, including 23 snare drums, 21 kick drums and 42 other percussion instruments.

DTX400K will be released in September 2012, with the DTX430K and DTX450K due to arrive at the beginning of 2013.

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