Apr 10

It is a great privilege to be attending Musikmesse in Frankfurt this weekend. Already there has been a surprising announcement of new products – Korg Kross Synth, Novation Bass Station II, Roland RC-505 Looper, Native Instruments Komplete 9 software package, Avid Pro Tools 11 DAW, Arturia KeyLab range of professional-grade MIDI keyboard controllers with all-new accompanying Analog Lab synthesizer software, Genelec M Series Monitors, Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 software synth, Softube Console 1 hardware/software music mixing solution, TC Helicon Harmony Singer, Novation Launchpad S, Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface, Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad, Nord Lead 4, Korg Volca analogue groove boxes, Nord Piano 2 HP, RME MADiface XT – the world’s first USB 3.0 audio interface, SPL Crimson USB Audio Interface & Controller, and at long last the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth.

I am sure there are many others that will capture my heart and interest and possibly my wallet. I hope to bring back some great pictures and useful information to share with you

Jan 26

Namm 2013 and Korg are hard – hitting with new products like this powerful supercharged Dubstep-sounding Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder – the Korg Kaossilator Pro+. I say the words “new product” but I think it will upset some of the customers who have just or recently purchased their earlier and not so different Kaossilator Pro.

This You Tube clip makes you want one but more importantly it makes you wish you had the skills of the person performing. It makes you think about skills for the future and how so very different that has become from practicing for years scales on a piano. I must say it looks far more fun and the results are clear as you sound like a whole band rather than just an individual – see what you think. Do you feel like spending £300 on one of these?

On the next page we will have a look at the Features and Specs:-

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Jan 25

Namm 2013 – Enough of the Girls, let’s look at the Baby – The Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synth:-

I played drums with a band that had the original MS-20, the bass sound was awesome and aggressive and I haven’t heard anything that good for a few years.

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Jan 25


For more information on this new analog modeling synth, click on :-
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Nov 30

Take a look at this new App from Korg – the iPolysix based on the Polysix keyboard that was a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer made in 1981 – this looks great fun. What I love about this is up to eight instances of the synth can be used in conjunction with new features that include a sequencer, drum machine, multiple effects, Korg’s acclaimed Kaoss touch functionality for intuitive note and controller entry, and a complete automated mixer – wow.

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Sep 4

There seems to be a new product around every corner at the moment. Whilst Korg who recently surprised us with the release of the Kronos X, they have surprised us yet further with the release of the Korg Krome Workstation.

It looks a bit like a Kronos with some costly ommissions but with some features that look interesting to me. The first thing I noticed was how the screen looked. It is a huge 800 x 480 pixel TouchView Color display can show numerous parameters at once, ensuring great visibility. Although I have not seen it in the flesh the text on screen looks much larger and clearer than the Kronos. The other facination that I am always talking about is the weight. The weight of these keyboards are extremely portable 61 note is just 7.2kg (15.87lbs) , the 73 key is 10.2 kg (22.49 lbs) , and the 88 note is only 15.2 kg (33.51 lbs).

Obviously the cost is a big deciding factor when buying a new keyboard, but the prices look too good to be true. The 88 note is only £1249.00, the 73 note £ 949.00 and the 61 note £749. I was not too impressed with M50 or the Kronos 61 note keybed, so I am wondering how good these keybeds are or are they the same as existing Korg keybeds? The 88-key has a Touch sensitive Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard but there is no aftertouch on any of the models. Also the polophony is not too great – 120 note in single mode, 60 in dual mode but it does include a German D Grand acoustic piano.

I am sure you will read all the other info at Korg’s website and it really looks fantastic value for the money, but for now, I am not going to pass judgement until I have tried one.

Aug 1

Whilst existing Korg Kronos owners sit patiently on the edge of their seats waiting for O/S version 2 to be available, Korg slowly try to tempt us with the Kronos X, drip-feeding us bits of information as to how much more you can do with the extra room. They even pre-load demos of their expansion sets to lure you into buying them, demonstrating how easy the sets can be loaded and accessed. Here is one of those tempting You Tube clips to wet your appetite:-

Jul 28


I love new Drum Products, especially when they have such innovative ideas. One such product is the new Korg WaveDrum Mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer. I have already reviewed the WaveDrum, but from what I hear about the Mini, it is not a scaled down WaveDrum but something with a little bit more and a little bit less in certain areas. You always have to take the good with the bad, especially when it comes to cost and marketing a new product. I really need to see for myself and test this fun looking instrument out.

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Jul 13

The biggest surprise for me at the Summer Namm show 2012 was announcement of the Korg Kronos X which seemed very strange to me. The Korg Kronos is probably the best synthesizer in the world, however its release revealed many problems and unhappy customers. Following on from the initial problems, there are still problems with the keybeds, stability issues, very long boot-up times and the text on screen is also very small. The updates which included the release of the editor software obviously assisted with the small text. I was wondering whether the release of the Kronos X was an admission the Kronos was not quite right.

Interestingly Korg are saying that they have reduced the load-up time on the Kronos X, but I believe the keybeds are still the same and that there have been no changes to the size of the text. For existing Kronos owners there will shortly be an update to Version 2.0 to bring in the new facilities that the X is offering. So what is new on the Kronos X?

Korg tell us that the new Kronos X has approximately 2GB of available PCM RAM which allows more sample data to be loaded at once. It also adds a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X indicates its expanded, and truly limitless potential. It boasts double the SSD capacity providing a staggering 62 GB to give you enough space for gigantic sound library expansions, such as the Kronos Sound Libraries and the KARO Sound Libraries. With Version 2.0 on a Kronos you will be able to add a second SSD drive so it is like the Kronos X.

The KRONOS X also contains the EXs 10 – 13 expansion sample series of KRONOS Sound Libraries pre-installed in demo mode. After you’ve tried them out, you can obtain these sounds for yourself by simply purchasing a license key.

Jun 25


It is Summertime and you need to inject some new life into your Synthesizer. Why not buy a new soundset full of exciting patches to help get your creative juices flowing with new sounds for new songs. There are some great patches for the world’s best synths –

The Access Virus, Roland GAIA, Novation Ultranova, M-Audio Venom and the Korg SV-1. There is also a three pack for the Access Virus and a Twin Pack for the Roland Gaia.

These will help you save even more money as all the sets are fantastic value for money and cheaper than anywhere else for this quality.

Just click on the “Synth Patches” drop down menu above


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