Nov 12

Native Instruments New Maschine Studio in Action with Jeremy Ellis with Version 2.0 Software


You cannot fault the talents of Jeremy Ellis. His fast finger drumming technique comparable with a concert pianist can make any 16 pad groove machine stand out in the crowd but when you put him with Native Instruments new flagship Maschine called the Maschine Studio you have an explosive match.

As soon as you watch this You Tube clip, it makes you want to go and buy one. A little expensive – yes, but its a killer machine, the Maschine Studio. Its bigger, its brighter, its faster and it is awesome and colourful but above all it is total creative fun and can make musicians out of us all.

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Nov 3

I find it interesting that with all the reviews and training you tube clips that are out there, no one has mentioned a significant change in Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 software over version 1.8 when it comes to dealing with Patterns. In fact it is completely different and so are the file names.

Here are the Maschine 2.0 Browser icons from left to right showing; Projects, Groups, Sounds, Instruments, Effects, Samples, Native Instrument Files and User Files:-


These are the version 1.8 which have similarities but show; Disk, Projects, Groups, Sounds, Patterns, Instruments, Effects, Samples, :-


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Nov 1


Welcome to my collection of You Tube Clips to help you get to grips with the new Native Instruments Maschine Version 2.0 Software. There will obviously be reference to the new Maschine Studio, but I want the Software to me the main training here:-

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Nov 1


Well its the 1 November 2013 and you can download the new Native Instruments Maschine Software Version 2.0. I know there is also a new lovely looking Maschine hardware controller called the Maschine Studio but my bet is there are more folk out there (like me) who have decided to pay the $99 / 99 Euro upgrade price to upgrade to version 2.0 using their existing controller.

Getting to grips with the new software is always a worry and the installation is large and time-consuming but hopefully at the end of it, we all have something very special. I will be making another page to collect some useful You Tube clips to help you and I get started with this beasty. Check the ‘Free Stuff’ menu under ‘Maschine World’ shortly for some great clips, sounds, kits and patterns.

Oct 25

The Filta Revolution – Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music.

Check out this new expansion for your Native Instruments Maschine. Have a listen to these high quality powerful kick-arse sounds. The Filta Revolution contains 20 Kits with 320 24 Bit 96 kHz Wav files packed with Electro, Industrial and Filtered Sounds and also 20 Patterns that you can here in the You Tube Clip above.

Great Sounds – Great Price – Easy Download – Just Click this link :-

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Oct 5

Native Instruments New  Maschine Studio without Software


Here is my marketing idea for those great guys at Native Instruments. My thinking is that most people with a Maschine although would love to have a Maschine Studio, will not consider this when they could have the same functionality when they load the version 2.0 software for $99 instead of having to spend $999.

Why would you buy a Native Instruments Maschine Studio, you already have all of the massive amounts of software, why would you want to buy this all again – it is not logical?

It would make more sense if you could purchase just the hardware. One of the pre-requisites could be that you have to buy the $99 upgrade to version 2.0 first, then it is a simple matter of changing your hardware to the new Maschine Studio Hardware.

This would surely provide more sales of Maschine Studio as it would entice Maschine and Mikro owners alike.

I hope Native Instruments agree with me. If you think this is a good idea, why not contact Native Instruments, perhaps if we all ask nicely, we may be heard.

Oct 1

New Native Instruments Maschine Studio Hardware and Version 2.0 Software

Well life is full of surprises. I say surprises but I suppose we were all expecting at some point to see version 2.0 software for the Maschine, but were we expecting a super cool glossy-looking new maschine with two fab hi-res colour screens (480×272 pixels)? Maschine still exists but we now have a flagship model – Native Instruments Maschine Studio available one month from today on 1 November 2013 at a price of .. ouch! – 999 Euros.

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Sep 18

New Native Instruments  Maschine Expansion РLazer Dice



No sooner have Native Instruments released an expansion pack called Static Friction, today they have released another to add to their overwhelming arsenal of sounds and patterns called Lazer Dice.

Lazer Dice is a cool blend of Synthesizer Electronica with that old deep and rich south hip-hop sounds. Synth sounds have been carefully created using their famouse Massive Synth.

With 47 Kits and 206 patterns to add to your collection covering futuristic bass and lead sounds, 800 deep sub-bass kicks, pitched snare drum rolls, essential bass drops, there is enough creative potential to keep you going for months.

Why not purchase LAZER DICE today available for $49 USD / 49 EUR. If you think this price is a bit high, why not try my expansion for Maschine called the FILTA REVOLUTION.

The FILTA REVOLUTION brings the energy and power of industrial, retro and techno sounds to your Native Instruments Maschine and features special kits designed to bring out your song-writing creativity. Listen to demo and get full details HERE.

Sep 8


Here is the second part of my collection of clips to help you on your way with Native Instruments Maschine. They are full of Tips and Tricks and information to help you understand and if you are not sure about something – just rewind and watch again. Also there maybe a similar clip covering the same topic but it could be explained a bit differently and this may help you. I want to say a Big Big thanks to the Guys that put these together to help all you folk out there- Many Many Thanks – Great Job.


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Jul 25

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revolution


Its here at last – sorry for the wait. Have a listen to all 20 kits and their patterns by playing the You Tube clip above.




New Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revoulution.

20 High Quality Kits packed with Electro, Industrial and Filtered Sounds recorded at 24 Bit 96 kHz. 20 Project Files, 20 Pattern Files, 20 Kits and 320 Poweful Wav files bursting with energy.

To purchase these awesome kits simply click on the image.




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