Mar 11

Well the Tease is over, on 27 March 2013 you will be able to buy the new Native Instruments synth – Monark which is a rich and very powerful monophonic analogue synth with 383 sounds and low CPU usage. Native Instruments say that this will become your main choice for bass and lead sounds for all genres of music. It has a huge bottom end and is very punchy (Sounds like someone coming out of an East End Pub).

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Mar 5

It is weird but I want to buy it now but I can’t until 27 March 2013. I suppose that is clever advertising or I am just a sucker for drums. I like the idea of Native Instruments saying “supercharge your beats, The sound of the 21st century comes wrapped in a futuristic user interface, fusing ultimate power with lightning-fast, visual workflow – seeing is believing. Stay tuned”

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Mar 4

I love watching clever people on Native Instruments Maschine. Not only is there some great finger technique here but there are some great sounds and effects. The world of maschine with endless possibilities. Have a look at this YouTube clip:-

Feb 26

You never know what is around the next corner, well Native Instruments certainly do not stand still with a New Maschine with new expansions, kits and stand, Traktor and now Traktor DJ, new reverbs, free products plus much more. Today they have begun their temtation plan of attack by anouncing an extremely powerful new synth stating that a “Revolution is Coming – One Synth to Rule All”

Apparently it is a new Synth with Teeth. If you watch the teaser below you will hear and feel its power – sounds good to me. There is not much more to say aboiut this new Soft Synth except that the is a capital M in the YouTube clip – perhaps it is Massive 2.

Feb 7


Well here it is – yes the Big One, (well it is certainly the best purchase I made in 2012) – The one, the only …. Natives Instruments Maschine – Da Da.

It has been going strong now for a few years since its launchbut unfortunately I have not had use of one up till now. As a drummer I love all things rhythmic and believe it or not I love drum machines. The Maschine however is much, much more than a drum machine and despite my large unused sample collection that has been growing over the years; it has taken me right until the release of the Maschine Mk2 to realise how useful this could be to me. It has not just been for the fact that the organisation of my samples is well overdue but the anticipation of the creative fun that I can have with them. I can’t really say that it did not grab my imagination when it was released, because it did, I just did not think that it was right for me at that time and I was more interested in buying a hardware synth. However, times change and things move on and this now feels very right for me and I like the idea of making music quicker and it being more fun. The only thing is – is that I am a complete newbie to the world of Maschine and the many hands-on beat makers out there, and so if you are also considering making your first leap, then this may be of some use to you.

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Jan 29


I am pleased to announce the release two free drum kits for Native Instruments Maschine. Both of these kits have: 1 Maschine Project file, 1 Maschine Kit file, 1 Maschine Pattern file and 16 Wav files recorded at 24 Bit 96 Khz. Just go here to my new page :-

I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget at the bottom of this page is also a link to my Maschine educational page, where I am trying to get a group of You Tube Clips to help you and me understand this beast better.

Jan 27

Native Instruments Reverb Classics – NAMM 13

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Nov 14


Now that I have got a collection of Sonar 2 clips, I thought it would be nice to have something similar for the NI Maschine Mk2. If you are like me and are just getting started with Maschine then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do.

Now I have been working a few weeks with NI Maschine, I think it is a good idea to include early You Tube Clips as well because the data is still very valid and I have learned much from them. A very big thank you to the guys that have put these together – excellent job. Learning a new piece of kit like Native Instruments Maschine takes a while to get really good and you want to get there as soon as possible, so hopefully all these many You Tube clips will help you and me on our way.

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Oct 1

Today October the 1st sees the release of a new generation of MASCHINE groove production studio in both black and white and both the existing MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO get an update of hardware and software to O/S 1.8. In addition to this you can now by a stand for your maschine to angle it better and provide better playing ergonomics and there are also colored custom kits to change their looks. Very nice but a little bit expensive to change the colour in my opinion.

I have been trying to find out what are the differences between an existing Maschine with 1.8 O/S and the new Maschine people are calling version 2 or MKII. The most noticable aspect are the Pads. You get better sensitivity with version 2 and the newbacklit multicolored pads give you advanced visual orientation – looks superb. You may also notice that the LCD has been re-designed to give you a wider viewing angle. If you don’t take into account the other significant enhancements that are available to both old and new Maschines under the 1.8 O/S, then it is a difficult decision to justify spending another £150 or more on Maschine MKII. I know it is early days at present but other than the new YouTube clip from Jeremy Ellis, there is very little information on MKII.

Aug 29

I had my suspicions a few weeks back when Native Instruments lowered the prices (until the end of August) of both their Maschine and their Mikro. I was very tempted to buy a Maschine which is such a great product at such a low price but at the same time was wondering if I would be instantly annoyed if they brought out a much better version 2. Well they have so have a look at Jeremy Ellis on this clip of the NI Maschine MKII and see what you think:-

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