Aug 21

I have just spotted this very smart looking App from those clever people at Nord. The layout and useable interface is fantastic. It is very user-friendly. They have obviously made it to be used with their Nord Drum but it is a 4-track CoreMIDI Step Sequencer. Unfortunately, a CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface is required. It is a shame it does not work as a standalone maschine. However, although it has been designed with the Nord Drum in mind, Nord Beat can be used with any MIDI instrument. All you have to do is simply  choose the  MIDI-channel you want to use and Note Numbers in the Nord Beat Settings menu and you’re ready to go.

The Nord Beat lets you create drum beats in the usual 16 step grid and you can have up to 8 patterns. It also gives you awesome control over velocity. When you play back your patterns, you can do this in two ways. You can be in Sequence Mode, where up to 8 patterns can be cued and chained or Pad Mode  that lets you play the Nord Drum (or other MIDI gear) with your fingers and even gives you greater control over the velocity.


Jun 12


Announced at Winter NAMM this year was the Nord Drum which is a Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer with four inputs for Electronic Drum Pads or Acoustic Drum Triggers. It has been designed to be extremely dynamic and provide a lightning-fast response as if you are playing an acoustic drum. I will be comparing this response to the more expensive Roland TD20 so it will be interesting to see if Nord have achieved this for less than a third of the cost of a Roland TD20 Brain.

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Apr 29


I have been anxious to get my hands on a Nord keyboard and it is very strange that at the time Nord have just announced the release of the Electro 4D at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, I am about to look into the Nord Electro 3. This maybe the right time as there is a possibility that the Electro 3 will come down a little in price, with its successor just around the corner. Obviously the Electro 3 is the third incarnation of Clavia’s virtual electromechanical range of bright red wonders. The first is now over ten years old and Clavia have slowly updated the software and hardware.
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Mar 20

Musikmesse 2012 – Clavia Nord Electro 4D

It is that time of year again where new products get announced. For us Europeans, we have the Musikmesse show held at Frankfurt. One such company who have been delighting us with their bright red products is Clavia. They launched the Nord Electro 10 years ago and have just announced the release of the new model called the Electro 4D.

This is a lightweight 7kg, 61-note keyboard that has that lovely semi-weighted waterfall key action also has excellent organ drawbars found on the very popular Nord C2D. They have updated the click modelling, added a brand new delay effect, given it a new rotary speaker simulation with a new drive feature and made it compatible with the fantastic Nord Sound Libraries collection

The Nord Electro 4D also supports Long Release which is suitable for legato playing and selectable String Resonance. To assist the handling of programs, there are four Program Banks and four Live Locations and the USB port now doubles as an USB-MIDI interface.

It should be shipping in May and cost is 1699 Euros – Can’t wait to hear it.

Jan 24

Namm 2012 and Nord has launched the brand new streamlined and portable hammer-action 88-note digital piano – The Nord Piano 2 HA 88. Those great guys at Sound on Sound have recorded some footage with Nord at Namm:-

With extensive additional feature sets that bring the hardware bang up to date with competitive rival plug-ins and a player’s piano feel and new controls making it all the more authentic, it covers all your bases.

Perhaps the most important addition is one of sympathetic strings, or Acoustic Resonance as it’s called here, which replicates the sounds of strings other than the ones you’re playing very gently reverberating in the background – it’s the piano ‘jangle’ that occurs when you hit an acoustic instrument’s keys hard with the sustain on, and its inclusion here can only make for a more authentic playing experience.
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Jan 19

Namm 2012 and some really cool drum fun from those clever people at Nord – THE NORD DRUM – VIRTUAL ANALOG DRUM SYNTHESIZER

Roland – What do think of this:-??????

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Jan 14


The Winter Namm 2011 show started yesterday in Anaheim California showing hundreds of new products to the world. It runs from 13th Jan to the 16th Jan and provides us all with a promising start to the year. Below you will see the top 10 items that have grabbed my attention from the show. On a personal level I was hoping for a little bit more from Roland and Yamaha. Yamaha seem to have their own timetable nowadays and announce new products when it suits them rather than trying to meet the January deadline. So I think NAMM 2011 for me goes to KORG and the launch of the KRONOS which appears to look very inviting. Korg have also revealed a couple of other gems in the form of a new Wavedrum and Kaoss Pad.  I will try and cover some of the items in more depth later but for now here is my top 10 – I hope you approve:-

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Nov 7

Nord Keyboards – Winter 2010

If you are like me and can’t seem to get your hands around one of those bright red Nord keyboards, then you will just have to be content with the the next best thing – their 56 page Winter 2010 Catalogue. You can download it here:-

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