Feb 9


As I recall Novation were a leading company right out in front of everyone else at the end of the nineties with their classic Supernova II synthesizer. This award winning synth captured my heart at the time, but it was some years later before I was able to buy one. I was saddened by the fact that they stopped making Synths after this and moved their expertise to a different product range with Focusrite’s acquisition of Novation in 2004. I was therefore extremely surprised to find that after more than 10 years they were releasing a new synth, perfectly named – The Ultranova.

In this review I want to provide you with my feelings on the instrument as I find it after unpacking and try and look at some comparisons with the Roland GAIA and indeed the Supernova II. If you need any additional information not covered here then please go to Absolutemusic who have also included a couple of great You Tube Clips demonstrating the Ultranova and showing you how sounds are created – great stuff.

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Sep 10

Novation UltraNova, now there’s a name that conjures up something special. I remember in 1998/99 the two synths that were most raved about were the Yamaha EX5 and the Novation Supernova II. Well  it seems that Yamaha moved ahead with the Motif range and is just about to release the Motif XF, whilst Novation just stopped producing incredible synths and went on to concentrate their efforts on controller keyboards, which is how they got started if I remember correctly.

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