Dec 31

It is New Year – why not start the year with some new sounds for your favourite synth or drums? We have the following Soundset Patches:-


Roland Gaia Dance XS
Roland Gaia Extravaganza
Roland Gaia Clubland

Access Virus Euphoria
Access Virus Creative Distortion
Access Virus Fortune and Glory

Novation Ultranova Technova
Novation Mininova Elektrova

M-Audio Venom Snakedance
Korg SV-1 Cause and Effect
Kurzweil PC3 – Free Sounds

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – The Filta Revolution
TD-30 V-Drum Expansion Kits – Electro Mayhem


Just click on the Synth Patches or Drums in the Menu Bar at the top.

Aug 22


If you have a Roland Gaia Synth, have you tried our expansion packs? For some great value why not buy all 3 – that is 192 Sound Patches for only £23.99 (which is about $40 or 30 Euros).

The Roland Gaia Extravaganza, Clubland and the Dance XS soundsets are available for download as a 3-pack special offer giving you 3 complete banks of 64 patches at a reduced price. This epic adventure into sound design extends your sonic palette with a massive range of Genres and Sound Types and provides you with 192 new patches.

< ---------- Just click the image on the left.

Aug 16


DANCE XS – 64 New Dance Sounds for your ROLAND GAIA SH-01 SYNTH. Packed with essential club-shaking sounds, Detuned and Filtered Sounds, Dance FX, Nu-Electro chords, moving Arps and Gritty Analogue Patches with a dash of bite, distortion and squelch.

Just a simple Tony Long Music download – Just click on the image on the left to take to you the GAIA Patches page where you can get all the details you need.

Also have a look at the great offers for the twin pack and the new 3 – Pack which has 192 Gaia Patches.


Jun 25


It is Summertime and you need to inject some new life into your Synthesizer. Why not buy a new soundset full of exciting patches to help get your creative juices flowing with new sounds for new songs. There are some great patches for the world’s best synths –

The Access Virus, Roland GAIA, Novation Ultranova, M-Audio Venom and the Korg SV-1. There is also a three pack for the Access Virus and a Twin Pack for the Roland Gaia.

These will help you save even more money as all the sets are fantastic value for money and cheaper than anywhere else for this quality.

Just click on the “Synth Patches” drop down menu above


Jun 16

If you haven’t purchased my Extravaganza Soundset with 64 great patches for you Roland Gaia Synth, why not purchase it with my new set Clubland and save money. These excellent sets are already a ridiculously low price and now you can save more by buying the two together. Inject some life into your Roland Gaia today with this TwinPack from Tony Long Music:-

Click HERE

Jun 12


Tony Long Music are proud to announce the realease of a new Soundset for the Roland Gaia. 64 New Patches carefully crafted to take you into the world of Dance, Trance and DubStep, extending your sonic palette with sounds from the Axxe, Acidic Phat Bass, Screeching Lead sounds, Distorted Arps, Gritty Pads and detuned analogue sounds.

This Sound Palette could find its way into any Genre of music and is designed to inspire your creativity and bring your music alive. It is an easy download and a very low competitive price compared with other Third Party Developers. It comes complete with full loading instructions. If you also have the Roland GAIA Editor and Librarian software, you will notice that I have also included the individual Patch files (.s1e files) so that if you wish you can choose to only load individual files.


For more details and download, please go here:-

Feb 9


As I recall Novation were a leading company right out in front of everyone else at the end of the nineties with their classic Supernova II synthesizer. This award winning synth captured my heart at the time, but it was some years later before I was able to buy one. I was saddened by the fact that they stopped making Synths after this and moved their expertise to a different product range with Focusrite’s acquisition of Novation in 2004. I was therefore extremely surprised to find that after more than 10 years they were releasing a new synth, perfectly named – The Ultranova.

In this review I want to provide you with my feelings on the instrument as I find it after unpacking and try and look at some comparisons with the Roland GAIA and indeed the Supernova II. If you need any additional information not covered here then please go to Absolutemusic who have also included a couple of great You Tube Clips demonstrating the Ultranova and showing you how sounds are created – great stuff.

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Jan 22

64 Pro sounds for your Roland GAIA Synth

Simple fast download – great price only :-

£6.99 ( approx $11 or 8 euros)

What are you waiting for ?

Jan 1

Thanks for your support and interest in my site throughout 2010. I have been building continuously and now have some great information pages for you:-


Visit my BLOG for detailed reviews on some of the best products around like Korg Monotron, Roland AX-Synth, Cakewalk Sonar X1, Alesis DM7, Yamaha Tenori-On, Roland GAIA,  Novation Ultranova,  Roland Octapad SPD30, Details of free VSTs and many more here:-


Take a look at the new DRUM page with interesting, funny and educational clips:-


Download a FREE TRACK – great music for a drive in the Country:-


If you have an ACCESS VIRUS SYNTH, I now have 256 new professional sounds for you to download in my two soundsets – EUPHORIA and FORTUNE & GLORY. Have a listen to the YouTube Clips here:-


For the ROLAND GAIA owners – check-out my Soundset EXTRAVAGANZA. Packed full of today’s 3 oscillator phat sounds:-


There is a lot going to happen in 2011 so if you haven’t done so already bookmark my page or click on the RSS feed

A HAPPY ’11 to you and good luck & success in music for 2011 !!!


Aug 15


Roland Gaia SH-01


The GAIA SH-01 – another little gem from Roland. What is it? – Well the GAIA reminds me a little of a Jupiter 8 but looking so much “2010”. In essence it is a virtual analogue synth or rather three analogue synths in one. Roland have made a great decision on Colour. I don’t wish to sound like a girl, but it is amazing how many times you see Artists who have products made especially in white. Why? – Because they look so good on stage. Access did it with their “Limited Edition” Virus.

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