Jun 12


What did you think of the new deal from Roland Cakewalk for Sonar? Yes, lifetime monthly updates for a one-off payment (Sonar4Life). This really surprised me as I thought the idea was for them to keep receiving payments every year from us so that they could use this for development costs.

I suppose I won’t have to think about finding another £100 for next year’s updates or indeed any further years and I suppose this does keep me loyal to Cakewalk and not consider going over to Pro Tools for example.

The Monthly updates have been great and provides you with something to look forward to each month, something to learn and greater stability with your product with improvements and bug fixes. It is therefore really worth the money.

I think priorities for me are less CPU drain when using plugins. The better this is the more plugins you can use without it falling over.

Carry on the good work Cakewalk – I wonder what next month will bring?

Jan 14

It is definately that time of year again. Cakewalk have made an anouncement a week before Namm 2015, no doubt in readiness for the show to say they have a new Sonar family. No it is not Cakewalk Sonar X4. Roland Cakewalk have decided to drop the “X4” to reflect that the new SONAR will now get new features regularly throughout the year instead of a big annual update. The new family names starting from the smallest is Sonar Artist, Sonar Professional and at the top they have Sonar Platinum

Have a look at the YouTube clip to give you a taster:-

There are some significant changes this year in terms of costs and some people will no doubt like the new plan whilst others will be dead against the changes – read on to find out:-

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Sep 28


Well the Big Surprise for me today was the news of a Cakewalk Sonar X3 DAW. Whilst I was pondering over its exciting new additions and wondering about its release date, I got a bigger surprise to find out it had been released today, yes that is right today. Like a large Cat ready to pounce on a tiny mouse, I placed my order for Sonar X3 Producer.

Sonar X3 comes in three sizes but this time at the lower end of the scale it looks like the basic Sonar X3 has a terific amount of content and facilities for the money and they Cakewalk have really pushed the boat out here to have a DAW that is really going to beat the competition at this lower level.

At the upper level – The Producer, I am excited by the prospect that I may soon have a DAW to be proud of. So what do I get for my purchase, I sincerely hope its not going to be full of bugs and issues but instead effortlessly upgrades from my X2 providind me with some great new facilities, but more importantly – I hope it is stable. SONAR X3 is said to include over a hundred finely tuned tweaks, little enhancements and general improvements throughout. A lot of these changes have come about by customer feedback.

The New additions I get in my Producer version are:-

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Apr 10

It is a great privilege to be attending Musikmesse in Frankfurt this weekend. Already there has been a surprising announcement of new products – Korg Kross Synth, Novation Bass Station II, Roland RC-505 Looper, Native Instruments Komplete 9 software package, Avid Pro Tools 11 DAW, Arturia KeyLab range of professional-grade MIDI keyboard controllers with all-new accompanying Analog Lab synthesizer software, Genelec M Series Monitors, Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 software synth, Softube Console 1 hardware/software music mixing solution, TC Helicon Harmony Singer, Novation Launchpad S, Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface, Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad, Nord Lead 4, Korg Volca analogue groove boxes, Nord Piano 2 HP, RME MADiface XT – the world’s first USB 3.0 audio interface, SPL Crimson USB Audio Interface & Controller, and at long last the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth.

I am sure there are many others that will capture my heart and interest and possibly my wallet. I hope to bring back some great pictures and useful information to share with you

Nov 13




I came across this stunning wallpaper for Sonar X2 and thought this was an excellent piece of work and it got me thinking that Roland / Cakewalk keep moving things forward so quickly that I have hardly had time to get to grips with Sonar X1. If you are like me and are just getting started with Sonar X2 then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected Sonar X2 clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do. As well as the clips below you must also go here for a complete Sonar X2 experience – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCPMyFyv8V06vHVb-ZizkckzBuHspDPKh

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Aug 1

I must say, I don’t believe it. I have hardly got to grips with Sonar X1 and they are talking New Sonar X2 already. So what is new?

Well they are saying that there is a new Modular ProChannel, a new Console Emulator, a new BREVERB SONAR, new Automation lanes and modes, new R-Mix SONAR, new ProChannel FX chains, a new TH2 Producer Amp Simulator, new Take Lanes, new Smart Grid, new Integrated SoundCloud and a new MusicXML export. On top of this they have made some improvements to their LP-64 EQ, LP-64 Multiband Compressor, Matrix Performance View, low latency audio engine, smart tool and the famous Piano Roll View. If you add that lot to what is there already, you have a serious looking and performing DAW.

I wish Roland would work equally as fast upgrading their Fantom G or replacing the DR880 Drum Machine.

Jan 24

Namm 2012 and Roland Cakewalk have announced the realease of SONAR X1d update to be available in February 2012. All registered SONAR X1 customers can download the free SONAR X1d update at Cakewalk.com.

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Dec 10


Here is something very useful from Scott R. Garrigus (author of the Cakewalk SONAR and Sony Sound Forge Power book series) – SONAR X1 Power! Tips and Techniques PDF. It is a FREE download which you can get here:-




SONAR X1 Power! Tips and Techniques PDF provides step-by-step information about performing various music editing tasks with Cakewalk SONAR X1 that all X1 musicians can use.



Techniques in the free PDF include:

  • a quick and easy way to export MIDI tracks.
  • how to stretch audio with a simple keyboard combination and click/drag of the mouse.
  • how to open multiple versions of the same View in SONAR.
  • using the Event Inspector for advanced MIDI data editing.
  • how to delete multiple measures of a specific selection in a SONAR project.
  • how to automate specific data selections using envelopes.
  • how to remove vocal “pops” or plosives from your recorded vocal tracks.
  • dealing with clip FX tails.
  • and more…

The free PDF is brought to you by SONAR X1 Power! – The Comprehensive Guide. Covering SONAR X1 Producer, Studio and Essential, Sonar X1 Power! is the ninth edition of the Sonar Power book series providing detailed training for Cakewalk’s Sonar X1 music recording software. Written for both new users and veteran upgraders alike, Sonar X1 Power! walks you through all of the features of the software with step-by-step instructions and exercises.


Sep 22


I have been with Cakewalk Sonar Producer since version 6 and having worked myself through the necessary learning curve of a new DAW, I got to the point where I was very happy with 8.5 and all of the many facilities it provided. For others, Sonar has always been let down by its interface.


With Sonar X1, I want to believe that somewhere underneath this new look is my old familiar Sonar 8.5 and that I know exactly what to do. I think however that I have a bit of a learning to do, as well as some un-learning especially as I understand many of the keyboard shortcuts have changed.


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Nov 2

Well here is some news that caught my eye last night on the Roland’s Sonar site – the new upgrade from Sonar 8.5. No it is not Sonar 9 but Sonar X1.

Apparently, this upgrade is available from 8th December and this is what the guys at Cakewalk are saying about it – “SONAR has evolved and so can the way you make music. Imagine the power and maturity of an industry standard DAW combined with the cutting edge creative tools essential for today’s music – all wrapped up in one of the most modern and (dare we say) beautiful user interfaces available”.

Sonar X1 comes in three flavours -” Essential”, “Studio” and the one I am interested in is “Producer”. The Producer has all that is in the Studio version with the addition of Pro Channel, Session Drummer 3, Dimension Pro, True Pianos, Producer Effects, Channel Effects, Mastering Effects and  Guitar Rig 4 LE.

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