Dec 31

It is New Year – why not start the year with some new sounds for your favourite synth or drums? We have the following Soundset Patches:-


Roland Gaia Dance XS
Roland Gaia Extravaganza
Roland Gaia Clubland

Access Virus Euphoria
Access Virus Creative Distortion
Access Virus Fortune and Glory

Novation Ultranova Technova
Novation Mininova Elektrova

M-Audio Venom Snakedance
Korg SV-1 Cause and Effect
Kurzweil PC3 – Free Sounds

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – The Filta Revolution
TD-30 V-Drum Expansion Kits – Electro Mayhem


Just click on the Synth Patches or Drums in the Menu Bar at the top.

Aug 22


If you have a Roland Gaia Synth, have you tried our expansion packs? For some great value why not buy all 3 – that is 192 Sound Patches for only £23.99 (which is about $40 or 30 Euros).

The Roland Gaia Extravaganza, Clubland and the Dance XS soundsets are available for download as a 3-pack special offer giving you 3 complete banks of 64 patches at a reduced price. This epic adventure into sound design extends your sonic palette with a massive range of Genres and Sound Types and provides you with 192 new patches.

< ---------- Just click the image on the left.

Jul 13


Don’t forget if you are looking to put a bit of bite into your M-Audio Venom, get Snakedance today at only £7.99 (approx $12 or 9.25 Euros), great price for 50 Aggressive Single Patches and 10 Infectious Multi-Patches.

Combining beefy analog sounds with modern digital processing. You get everything from filthy leads, glossy sweeping filters to Bone-Shaking Bass. Simple Download – Just click on the image.

Jan 3


I do love Novation Synths and I am still very happy with my Supernova II rack that I picked up for a good price a few years back. More recently after a considerable break Novation got my taste buds going again with the Ultranova and now in a world of small portable gadgets and people with tiny fingers they have released the Mininova. Designed to take anywhere, fit anywhere, play anywhere and sing and no doubt compete heavily with the excellent and very popular MicroKORG.

I know before I play a note that I am going to love the sound because it has the same synth engine as the Ultranova but personally I am not a great lover of small keys. However, this is not going to stop me enjoying every minute of this fun instrument that looks as if it has all the power and oomph of a full blown synth. I think what intrigues me here is that if it is basically an Ultranova, can you manipulate the sound differently with alternative set of controls? This may be difficult to see and hear without the two synths side by side – but let’s see if we can find out. Novation say that the Mininova is an Ultranova in a performance synthesizer format. The Mininova certainly seems to have a few tricks that are not on the Ultranova.

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Dec 7

Famous Audio” have designed some great sounds for all you Dubstep lovers and they are available at Loopmasters. Get that powerful Knife Party or Skrillex sound you have been desperately after for some time now. You just can’t get those sounds out of you head after spending such long nights in the best clubs.

Buy this pack full over 870 mb of the latest dubstep sounds which includes 149 Loops with all loops locked at 140Bpm + 258 Oneshots.. Loops folder contains, 70 Synth Loops, 53 Bass Loops, 10 Fx Loops, 9 Vox Loops and 7 Instrument Loops. Oneshots folder comes with, 140 Bass Hits, 37 Subbass Hits, 35 Synth Hits, 28 Fx Hits and 18 Vox Hits.. Plus 2 inspiration kits with 50 loops and samples included. Kits come in stems, loops and samples folders to offer more flexibility.. All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

Simply click on the image above and see for yourself – I did.

Aug 20

If you are looking for some sound patches for your M-Audio Venom Synth with Bite and Aggression, then look no further. Here at Tony Long Music, we have just the sounds you are seeking:-

Introducing SNAKEDANCE a soundset of M-Audio Venom Patches – giving you 50 Aggressive Single Patches and 10 Infectious Multi-Patches for your Venom Synth. It combines the characteristics of classic analog sounds with modern digital processing! This powerful synth offers everything from filthy leads, to vast sweeping filters, right up to Speaker Shaking Bass Sounds.

Genres:- Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trance, Psy-Trance, World Sounds, Electro, Cinematic, Dub Step, Garage, Underground, House, Techno. Put some Bite back into your music today with this simple download – Just click the Snake image:-

Aug 16


DANCE XS – 64 New Dance Sounds for your ROLAND GAIA SH-01 SYNTH. Packed with essential club-shaking sounds, Detuned and Filtered Sounds, Dance FX, Nu-Electro chords, moving Arps and Gritty Analogue Patches with a dash of bite, distortion and squelch.

Just a simple Tony Long Music download – Just click on the image on the left to take to you the GAIA Patches page where you can get all the details you need.

Also have a look at the great offers for the twin pack and the new 3 – Pack which has 192 Gaia Patches.


Jun 25


It is Summertime and you need to inject some new life into your Synthesizer. Why not buy a new soundset full of exciting patches to help get your creative juices flowing with new sounds for new songs. There are some great patches for the world’s best synths –

The Access Virus, Roland GAIA, Novation Ultranova, M-Audio Venom and the Korg SV-1. There is also a three pack for the Access Virus and a Twin Pack for the Roland Gaia.

These will help you save even more money as all the sets are fantastic value for money and cheaper than anywhere else for this quality.

Just click on the “Synth Patches” drop down menu above


Jun 12


Tony Long Music are proud to announce the realease of a new Soundset for the Roland Gaia. 64 New Patches carefully crafted to take you into the world of Dance, Trance and DubStep, extending your sonic palette with sounds from the Axxe, Acidic Phat Bass, Screeching Lead sounds, Distorted Arps, Gritty Pads and detuned analogue sounds.

This Sound Palette could find its way into any Genre of music and is designed to inspire your creativity and bring your music alive. It is an easy download and a very low competitive price compared with other Third Party Developers. It comes complete with full loading instructions. If you also have the Roland GAIA Editor and Librarian software, you will notice that I have also included the individual Patch files (.s1e files) so that if you wish you can choose to only load individual files.


For more details and download, please go here:-

Feb 15


It is finally here another new soundset from tonylongmusic – Technova – 64 Monster Sounds for the Novation Ultranova Synth now available for download. Pure Ear Candy, Bristling With Raw Supernova Energy, Tribal Infused Drums, Hard-Hitting Lead and Bass Sounds, Glitched Melodic Vox Loops and Industrial Deep Tech Sounds For You To Tweak To New Limits.

Please go here:- for full details and a demo of the sounds by way of a You Tube clip.

The Ultranova is a great synth, (please see my blog for the full review)  and Technova is a useful Sound Pack to inspire your creativity whatever your style of music.

The Soundset comes complete with full easy-to-follow loading instructions and is a fast, simple download and such a great price.