Apr 8

It is Musikmesse week in Frankfurt Germany, but before the show has started many companies are announcing some new products. After what I thought was a poor anouncement from Roland and their new products, it is great to see companies like Novation, keeping today’s music moving. Today they have shown us their new Bass Station II Analogue Mono Synth to celebrate their 21 years in the business.

The Bass Station II is based on the well-loved original Bass Station but they improved it to meet the demands of today’s musicians. It comes with two awesome filters and oscillators and a deep sub-oscillator. When you add a substantial effects section, a step sequencer, a 2013 arpeggiator, full sized keys and a very powerful modulation section – you have a mean bass-stard of a synth.

Read on to watch the You Tube Clip which gives you a brief look at the new Novation Bass Station II Analogue Mono Synth but really shows you what great products that have come from this company as well as demonstrating how they can be used.

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Mar 11

Well the Tease is over, on 27 March 2013 you will be able to buy the new Native Instruments synth – Monark which is a rich and very powerful monophonic analogue synth with 383 sounds and low CPU usage. Native Instruments say that this will become your main choice for bass and lead sounds for all genres of music. It has a huge bottom end and is very punchy (Sounds like someone coming out of an East End Pub).

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Feb 26

You never know what is around the next corner, well Native Instruments certainly do not stand still with a New Maschine with new expansions, kits and stand, Traktor and now Traktor DJ, new reverbs, free products plus much more. Today they have begun their temtation plan of attack by anouncing an extremely powerful new synth stating that a “Revolution is Coming – One Synth to Rule All”

Apparently it is a new Synth with Teeth. If you watch the teaser below you will hear and feel its power – sounds good to me. There is not much more to say aboiut this new Soft Synth except that the is a capital M in the YouTube clip – perhaps it is Massive 2.

Feb 22

Well here is a big surprise from Germany, after waiting for the release of the Waldorf Pulse 2 after months and months (they now say its going to be spring 2013), Waldorf have anounced a lovely little synth called ROCKET to be released in March 2013 and it is only 205 Euros.

It has a square shape case and sounds very powerful. Well I suppose a rocket is meant to. It has an analog multimode VCF with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass, resonance up to self oscillation and beyond, a powerful monophonic oscillator section with Ultra High Density Sawtooth and unison for chord play – sounds great fun – I want one. On top of this it has an Arp and a destructive Booster circuit – wow.

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Jan 27

Namm 2013 Dave Smith Instruments –  Prophet 12 Synth

It is Namm 2013 and there is yet another new new polyphonic synthesizer, – a very expensive Prophet 12 from Dave Smith Instruments. “After 35 years of creating synths, this is simply my best synth yet,” said Dave Smith.

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Jan 25

Building on the success of its Phatty synth family, Moog Music is introducing a new 25-key 31-knob analog synthesiser called the Sub Phatty.

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Jan 25

Namm 2013 – Enough of the Girls, let’s look at the Baby – The Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synth:-

I played drums with a band that had the original MS-20, the bass sound was awesome and aggressive and I haven’t heard anything that good for a few years.

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Jan 25


For more information on this new analog modeling synth, click on :-
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Jan 19

NAMM 2013 – The New Stylophone S2 analog synthesizer

Here is something that I am sure you will find at Namm 2013 next week – the New Stylophone S2 analog synthesizer which is also featured on Brett Domino’s ‘Beauty And A Beat’ – excellent title. If you want to start your day with some fun, have a look at this You Tube clip, which clearly demonstrates the usefulness of the Stylophone in 2013. I quite like the drumming that is provided by bandmate Steven Peavis also as it works so well with it:-

The Stylophone S2 packs loads of features which include the old traditional Stylophone metal keyboard, but now it is 3 octaves long and playable with an included wire-free stylus or by finger touch. It has a all analogue signal path, a British style 12dB/octave state-variable filter, dual all-transistor voltage controlled oscillators, sub-oscillators for ‘super-fat’ bass, eight waveform LFO with a 14 octave range, an auxiliary-input to use the filter and envelope-generator for other instruments, 1/4” output jack socket, internal speaker and headphone socket and CV and Trigger input sockets. You will be able to pick one up for £299 which is $479.

Jan 3


I do love Novation Synths and I am still very happy with my Supernova II rack that I picked up for a good price a few years back. More recently after a considerable break Novation got my taste buds going again with the Ultranova and now in a world of small portable gadgets and people with tiny fingers they have released the Mininova. Designed to take anywhere, fit anywhere, play anywhere and sing and no doubt compete heavily with the excellent and very popular MicroKORG.

I know before I play a note that I am going to love the sound because it has the same synth engine as the Ultranova but personally I am not a great lover of small keys. However, this is not going to stop me enjoying every minute of this fun instrument that looks as if it has all the power and oomph of a full blown synth. I think what intrigues me here is that if it is basically an Ultranova, can you manipulate the sound differently with alternative set of controls? This may be difficult to see and hear without the two synths side by side – but let’s see if we can find out. Novation say that the Mininova is an Ultranova in a performance synthesizer format. The Mininova certainly seems to have a few tricks that are not on the Ultranova.

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