Jun 12


Announced at Winter NAMM this year was the Nord Drum which is a Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer with four inputs for Electronic Drum Pads or Acoustic Drum Triggers. It has been designed to be extremely dynamic and provide a lightning-fast response as if you are playing an acoustic drum. I will be comparing this response to the more expensive Roland TD20 so it will be interesting to see if Nord have achieved this for less than a third of the cost of a Roland TD20 Brain.

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May 4

I don’t remember my Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer or my Clavia Nord Modular Classic being this good to play with – how times have changed.

These are part of the sexy PussPuss range of Swimsuits that you can buy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/thepusspuss

Mar 29

New Synth App for the iPad desined by Waldorf and Rolf Wöhrmann

This has made my day – Waldorf who have made some great hardware synths like the Blofeld and the new Pulse 2 as well as Software Synths like the Largo and Lector have now joined up with Rolf Wöhrmann to make a fantastic App for Apple’s iPad, iPad 2 and now iPad3 that should be available to you this Summer.

The iPad is an ideal  platform for wavetable synthesis and will more than likely take it up a notch  to a new level. This will  make it possible to go deep into wavetables and show the sound in 3-D and offer completely new ways for sound creation and manipulation.

This new approach to wavetable synthesis allows for the transposition of the spectrum and the balance of periodic and sound spectra entirely independent from a wave’s position extending the wavetable technology  we have now by two new dimensions. It also allows for formant shifts as well as numerous other unheard sounds and as well as this the number and length of waves in a wavetable will no longer be restricted – Wow

Musicians are MIDI mad and this application will cater for many MIDI interfaces from IK Multimedia, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II by Line6, Alesis ioDock or the Camera Connection Kit by Apple and the SynthStation by Akai. App collaboration standards like Sonoma‘s Audio Copy/Paste, Intua‘s Audio Pasteboard and Virtual Core MIDI will also be supported like the upcoming AudioBus standard and KORG’s WIST synchronization technology.

I am really looking forward to trying this out as I am the Pulse 2 – keep an eye on http://www.waldorfmusic.de/for further information.

Mar 27

Steinberg Cubase 6.5

Things do not stand still and that is true of DAWS. We now have a new release of the famous Cubase. No it is not Cubase 7 (yet), but 6.5. It comes with two new Synths – Retrologue which gives you that old school analog synth sound with 300 presets and Padshop which has two independent layers that are based on an individual oscillator source and generate up to eight different grain streams armed with over 400 presets. This YouTube clip should show you what they are about:-

Mar 26

NUKLEAR Plugin Synthesizer


Nuklear, from hamburg-audio, is a new distinctive sounding VST/AU Pulsar synth plug-in. It doesn’t use
waveforms such as sine, saw or square waves played at different pitches, it uses individual pulses of shapes that vary and repeated at slower or faster rates.

Nuklear’s pulsar synthesis alternates the panning of pulses to create a super-wide sound; and omitting certain pulses, which gives some really great sub-harmonics.

There are four oscillators and each of these has a Pulsar knob. If you set them to zero, it makes the pulses stretch so that the results are just like normal synth oscillators. Take a look at http://www.hamburg-audio.com/

For all of your Sample needs go to:-

Mar 26

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer


Yes it looks like something from the 70s but infact it is new for 2012 from the legendary Synth pioneer Tom Oberheim. He has just announced the Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer, which is a 2012 recreation of the 1975 classic synthesizer.

It features a Mini-Sequencer which has been enhanced, two sequences can be played simultaneously, sequences can be chained into songs, and each step in a song can be programmed for sequence number, transpose amount and number of repeats, the Sequencer syncs to Midi Clock, keyboard outputs velocity and pressure and each module (both SEMs, Mini-Sequencer, Keyboard Control) has mini-jack patch points. You can get more info from Tom at http://www.tomoberheim.com/

Mar 18

The Minimoog Sofa

Here is something a bit note-worthy – the Minimoog Sofa. They tell me it is nice to play on – it looks touch sensitive and has a good action but it is designed for you to make many bum-notes. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. These are designed by Woouf who make a range of fun foam items including amplifiers and burgers.

Feb 23

SPECIAL OFFER – 3 soundset Packs only £31.99

Why not treat your Access Virus to some great new sounds. 384 sounds in three sets, Euphoria, Creative Distortion and Fortune and Glory. This is Simple Download with patch list and loading instructions included. The soundsets already have a great and very competative price and now you can save £3.98 by purchasing all three sets together.

These sounds cover a massive range of Genres from Electro to Dance, Trance to Urban, Rock to Minimal, Ambient to House. They are packed solid with bass, leads, pads, arps, drums and effects all with that great Access Virus Sound. Just click the image below to take you to the three pack set:-

Feb 1

Here is something special I seemed to have missed from the NAMM 2012 show – the announcement of Access Virus Ti O/S 5 which is going to bring us some great new filters. This Synth just grows and grows and gets better all of the time. Have a look at this:-

Jan 20

OK – We are into Day 2 at Winter Namm 2012 and I am now looking at the Waldorf Pulse 2 Analogue Synth. This has been some wait since the original Waldorf Pulse that was with us in 1996. There seems to be a great influx of Analogue Synths at present as people seem obsessed with sounds from the past and what they can do with them 2012-style. They just  love the squelchy fat sounds full of knob-twisting ecstacy and filters that change every aspect of basic sound itself. Well I don’t know whether the Waldorf Pulse 2 is as good as this but hopefully in the later part of the year I will be doing a full review on one to find out- so bookmark this Site now.

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