Jan 26

Korg Gadget Synth Studio for the iPad – Namm 2014



I think my iPad is screaming out for some of this totally portable fun with Korg Gadgets. Korg state that Gadget offers a collection of 15 different synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets”, which can be freely combined to create powerful electronic music.

If you are worried that this is going to be too complicated for you and you are not a musician but want to join in with the fun, then you have no worries as each synth offers a keyboard featuring a Scale function that makes it impossible to play wrong notes, combined with a sequencer that supports the function.

The app has been carefully constructed to provide immediate access to the most useful sounds, and is ideal for producing all forms of electronic music on the go with your iPad anywhere.

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Jan 26

Korg Triton Taktile keyboards – Namm 2014


The Korg Triton Taktile controller keyboards come in two sizes a 25 note or 49 note high quality semi-weighted keybeds. Not only are they powerful controller keyboards with loads of great features they have an awesome Korg XY pad for you to control parameters on the fly and come loaded with 512 Triton sounds, which have been “specially tuned” for the unit. The Triton taktiles can also connect to a computer via USB and function as an external sound module.

Prices are $299/$349 for the 25-note/49-note taktile controllers and $349/$499 for the 25-note/49-note Triton taktile keyboards available in July 2014.

Jan 25

iZotope & BT – BreakTweaker Beat Machine – Namm 2014

BreakTweaker is a software beat machine to use with your DAW and is powered by a Sequencer,a Generator and a MicroEdit Engine. Izotope have teamed up with BT again to bring you BT’s patented micro edit technology based on pioneering rhythmic sound design research. They say that the aim of this software is to get you to change the way you think about rhythm and you can split a sound up into potentially thousands of tiny slices and altering the way they are played back – how good is that? See for yourself on the Youtube clip above, about halfway through the clip you are going to go …….WOW!

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Jan 24

Elektron Analog Rytm Drum Machine at Namm 2014

The clip above gives you a great idea of what this new Drum Maschine from Elektron is all about. Like all of Elektron gear it is a little expensive but you are paying for a quality build, fuctionality and extensive controls and connections but paying out $1542 / 1389 Euros on a drum maschine may push your expectations very high.

From the makers of the Machinedrum you get an 8-voice analog drum machine with sample support with 12 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads and the famous Elektron sequencer.

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Jan 24

Namm 2014 – Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter


Well, we did not have to wait long – The new Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter is here for Namm 2014. The new Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter is an interesting beast because it is simply that – an Analog Filter for you to manipulate your sound(s) whether they are from a raunchy guitar or a synth or used by a DJ. I suppose if you are going to have a filter it may as well be one of the best, and Waldorf make some great filters. Looking at it my first thoughts are it is just like the Waldorf Rocket as it has the same size metallic case. The new Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter has a completely analog signal path and its Filter can be modulated by LFO, envelope follower or an external signal.

You get quite a bit to play with as it has extensive controls which are an input Gain with level LED; Rectify pot for mixing-in the rectified input signal; Filter Cutoff pot; Filter Resonance pot; Bipolar Filter Env Mod pot; Filter Type switch; Overdrive pot; Activation switch; Output Level pot; LFO Range switch with 3 positions; LFO Rate pot with LED; LFO Mod Depth pot; Trigger Button with LED; Trigger Threshold pot; Trigger Hold pot; Envelope Follower Source switch with 3 positions; Envelope Follower Attack pot and an Envelope Follower Decay pot.

Connections around the back give you Audio In and Out, Cutoff CV In, Envelope Follower CV In, Trigger In and a 12V DC Power input.

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Jan 16

The second new Roland Product that caught my eye was the new Roland RD-800 Piano

This You Tube Clip from Keyboard Mag does an excellent job of showing just how good this Piano is. It is a quality instrument but will cost you £1799 but watching this I am sure you will think it is worth it.

I had an RD-150 some years ago and loved it. I always remember its simple quick two track recorder for quickly putting ideas. There is now a much better version on the RD-800 allowing you to record as a wav file on a USB stick.
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Jan 15

Roland FA-06 and Roland FA-08 Workstation


Roland -FA06-FA08-Music-Workstation-2014

I was really looking forward to finding out what new products Roland would be announcing today for their first quarter of 2014 just prior to Namm 2014.

At first, I was a little disappointed as their are not many and their didn’t appear to be anything ‘new’ in the true sense of the word. On closer inspection their are a couple of interesting additions and to start with I want to have a look at the new FA synth workstations that come in two sizes the FA-06 (61 key) and the weighted action FA-08 (88 note).

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Dec 1


With all the new versions of Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg have been slightly falling behind. Rather than a full new version 8, Steinberg has announced an inbetween but nevertheless a very substantial updates to both its music DAW production systems, Cubase and Cubase Artist. This update not only has the usual workflow improvements but provides some great improvements to its instruments and new effects.

So what do you get for your pennies. Well what caught my eye and I am sure everyone elses, are two new feature which Steinberg have called TrackVersions and Visibility Presets.

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Nov 12

Native Instruments New Maschine Studio in Action with Jeremy Ellis with Version 2.0 Software


You cannot fault the talents of Jeremy Ellis. His fast finger drumming technique comparable with a concert pianist can make any 16 pad groove machine stand out in the crowd but when you put him with Native Instruments new flagship Maschine called the Maschine Studio you have an explosive match.

As soon as you watch this You Tube clip, it makes you want to go and buy one. A little expensive – yes, but its a killer machine, the Maschine Studio. Its bigger, its brighter, its faster and it is awesome and colourful but above all it is total creative fun and can make musicians out of us all.

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Nov 1


Welcome to my collection of You Tube Clips to help you get to grips with the new Native Instruments Maschine Version 2.0 Software. There will obviously be reference to the new Maschine Studio, but I want the Software to me the main training here:-

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