Aug 20

Pictures Of People from Black Lab on Vimeo.

I am really pleased that Paul Durham from my favourite band BLACK LAB has included a picture of me in their latest video of their song PICTURES OF PEOPLE.

BLACK LAB are a great rock band from Berkeley in California that have been around for a for a few years now. Their music has a gritty hard edge to it but is also complemented by some really great melodies. Their is a lot of light and shade to it and Paul’s vocal has that great American sound. He has a vocal resonance that no matter what he sings, you know it will sound good. Their great songs have also meant they have been picked for film soundtracks – SPIDERMAN, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, CAN’T HARDLY WAIT, VARSITY BLUES, PERMANANT MIDNIGHT , BLADE TRINITY, THE SHIELD, TRANSFORMERS.THE BENCHWARMERS, THE COVENANT, LOVEWRECKED and WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU.

If you haven’t heard of BLACK LAB before go out and buy their debut album – YOUR BODY ABOVE ME – I guarantee you will love every track on it.

Paul is real down to earth guy. To give you an idea of the type of person he is, this is an extract from his e-mail this week:-

“I think each of us, over and over, has to answer some version of the question, “am I doing the thing I am best at?  am I doing the right thing with my life?  am I doing what I came here to do?”  maybe we ask it consciously and maybe we ask it unconsciously, maybe we make lists or maybe we shy away from even thinking about it. but whether it’s being a good parent, a provider, an artist, a caretaker, a student, a hard worker — whatever — I think we ask this question and search for the answer.

One of the reasons I appreciate the community that has formed around black lab is that it helps answer this question for me, again and again, each time it arises. working on the ‘pictures of people‘ video has been a very powerful experience, seeing people’s faces over and over, feeling gratitude that so many of you would be generous in sending in your pictures, and just getting this visceral sense of who the community is.

So, thanks again everyone love  Paul”

You can view all of Black Lab’s albums etc at their website –

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