Jan 23

I am a great fan of both Imogen Heap and TC Helicon Vocal hardware so it was good to see Imogen and the VoiceLive 2 being used on stage. Imogen really knows how to get the best out of today’s technology and makes a great effort to discover a wide range of products to create herindividual sound. Her child-like approach to touch and play with everything around her musical life has trained her to be a master of today’s musical inovations. The vocal complexities that she achieves both live and in the studio need the type of products that TC are producing today. I have thought that there has been a wide gap in the market for a number of years for vocal hardware. There are too many pedals in the world for the guitarist and nowhere near enough for the vocal performer. I hope TC continue to produce these products.

Have a look at Imogen:-

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